Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Christmas Dinner 2017: EVERYONE was in the silliest, funniest, loving mood. What a amazing happy time!

Uncle Issac & Aunt Becky, Jake and Skylar send the cousins gifts too!

Nana's tree of grandkiddies...All "11" are there!

Nana is getting ready a 2:30...Little ones arrive round 4

Duck Orange soup.... Oooopps, didn't get photos of the main meal...just the starter.

Fellowshipping, having a good time

Silas, Hadassah, Achilles, Naomi, Piercen, Aunkia, Solomon

Caleb and Sarah(Caleb girl) Joe...Vicky in background

Naomi at the Cookie stations

Roxi, teasing the boys

Piercen and Solly cutting up!

Funny Face Dassi

Sarah and Caleb

Momma's big boy

Scott-Isaac and his girl Seleena  (When did these guys get old enough for GF)

Daniel, eating salad!!

Vicky and her "What" look! LOL

Aunika, LOVES "Nana Punch"  Secert recipe ...Heheheheh

Kris and his darling daughters...Aunika and Naomi

Walking her baby...so sweet.

Papa and his big boys

Naomi still working

Big granddaughters hanging out, being silly. Aunika and Dassi

Silas, Solomon, and our Peanut.

Oh My Goodness, I am feeling kind of old!  Grandsons with girlfriends! Sigh!!!

Look at these two, 17 years and counting...   Corinna and Joe

Nana and Papa's family Christmas dinner table.....Love, Love, Love,.....

Wishing for Jake Skylar, Isaac and Bee!  How complete we would be!


BUT Wait...Here comes SANTA!



Achilles (and his dad, LOL)

Santa (Daniel)





She asked for a taxidermy wolf...Heidi cracked up

Heidi and Santa

Papa and Santa

Kris and Santa

Santa?!!  Why are you looking at her with LOVE like that in your eyes!! SANTA!

Nana and Santa

Scott-Isaac and Saleena  and Santa

Caleb and Sarah

Queenie and Joe Joe and Santa

Roxi...Santa cracked her up?!