Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Here is my Photo Shoot of the Lunar Eclipse as Seen in Mexico. Photo by JA Standring!

This is 8 individual photos stitched together and place in one frame.
This was a Full Moon..... Super Moon...Blue Moon, and a Blood Moon.
Super moon is brighter then the advantage full moon.
A blue moon is when there are two full moons in one month
A blood moon is a moon which turns red...this is due to the shadow of the earth.

Wednesday, January 24, 2018


Happy Birthday To My Sweet Beautiful Aunika. 
It was several weeks ago that Heidi looked into the possibility of taking Aunika to New York for her 10 Birthday, Why New York, simply because Aunika is always wishing she could go there...playing and pretending that she goes.....Heidi did not have any idea what a flight to NYC would cost and if she could use her point and her $100 point coupon... Well it never hurts to see, so Heidi called West Jet to see if any of this would or could work..... As Heidi said to me, it does not cost anything to call and see!! .....but low and behold, she did not have near enough, not even close....HOWEVER she shared with the sales person, that her daughter had this dream of seeing NYC and shared with her why she wanted to try and make this dream come true......This sales person was very touched...She shared the story with her manager ...and West Jet decided to use the points Heidi had....and West Jet would just "GIVE" the rest to Heidi, on AUNIKA's Birthday. This morning Aunika was flown "FIRST CLASS" to NYC....on her 10th birthday. The e mail with tickets from WEST Heidi and Aunika....Saying..."HAPPY BIRTHDAY AUNIKA..... FROM WEST JET. I have been excited for weeks, but could not chance her finding out so I never said boo! . Imagine, going to New York with just your mommy....not sharing her with anyone for a few days. Imagine being just ten years old with such a gift to wake up to...on your birthday. Nana and Papa wish her the very best trip ever. May mommy and her make memories that will last a life time! From these far so good!! LOL God Bless Them Both.

Monday, January 22, 2018

Papa and the Sea Birds..... He loves not wasting our scraps go either to the birds or dogs!

Two day trip to Ensenada..... SO much to enjoy.....So much JOY to be had.

Here We are in Ensenada:
This city has hills and a sea side.  Very bright and pretty

I love these dirt roads that weave through out the mountains 

All over Mexico you will see these 
unfinished building....everthing
from single homes to big high-rises...
just sitting empty and unfinished 

These two homes were too beautiful not to photograph
Home one....a farm

Home two a vineyard

As Breathtaking as it could bee...the fog falling 
off the mountain into the desert floor.  Looked
completely surreal, I was excited to have photographed it.

 Here we have a dirt road that cuts through the desert to the following places...
that is one tough, rough ride!

Prickle not pickles!!!!!!

Our breakfast was at this lovely French Restaurant, owned by the Motel we stayed in.
The breakfast was free, and Oh So Good!

Live Paino while we ate....Eeeeks!

Breakfast done we are off to explore and peek around the corners.
Papa and I always find the great adventures when we 
let the day bring what it may!

Not an attraction...but this is much trash and 
waste, once you leave a commercial area... there it ALWAYS is!!
And for the record...I have no idea why I look so darn pleased!

I should be more like Papa....Just look up and away!  LOL

This problem with the trees was city wide in Ensenada... it KILLS the side walks

Okay....This is VERY interesting...Out side of this very large hospital were people who appeared
to be waiting...filling out forms....and landed up on the sidewalk were lots of these food cart.
Some of the people really looked sick.....but hey everyone need food,, right??

I really like the look of this sweet Italian place....
later during our visit, we decided to eat supper here.
I am so glad that we did....It was fantastic.  I never
had such fine tasting pasta tomato sauce...
I will crave it until I can experience it again!!

Now now decided to head to the "port side of town"

Trimming the tree tops!   Way Up High!

We arrived at the sea port.... they has musical water.  
The water keep beat to the most wonderful classical music.  Made me feel
like a did as a child when the rise and fall of the music made you
want to twirl and embrace the the sound.  (Will share a video in next post)

The consumer side of town had so many different benches.
I felt the need for Papa and I to stop and sit and take each
others picture!  SO I DID!!

The smell of earth wear always draws me in.  I must hold it, smell it
and look at its textures...thus the photo.

Thailand was famous for the giant statue .... So when in Mexico
and we came across these, I thought of our adventures last year.
And I reallyy am impressed with the size of such thing!

I am sure that my need to touch and feel
makes my behaviour about 3 to 10 years old.
AND that is why I understand and LOVE all
the little ones!

Stop and swell the roses they say......
Stop and enjoy the babies I say......

Tazo coffee shop.... Papa and I have grown to
really enjoy these shops.  We go for a treat.....a warm or
cold drink......pull out a number game or two.....sit for
an hour or two and simply play!
Retirement is ALL it is CRACKED  to be....REALLY!!

Hug a tree Nana!   I like them because they are so little.
Every time I walk by one I think of how much the little
boys would like them, for climbing.... Jake, Piercen
Solomon, Akki, Logan, Silas, ...... I would love that!

Bench Time Again

I LOVED this image of the angel....just for the simple
fact that he was in the male form not the female.
Why do we not show this more...The bible never ever
speaks of angels in the feminine ....Michael, Gabriel...
Lucifer...and so on!!

Here is the evening sun, a winding road, and a far away rain...SIGH!

I love the "golden hour" 

Little trees....I need a farm of little trees, me thinks!

In mexico you can be walking in the mot desolate street and 
just as you round a corner...there is an eatery...shappy, dirty,
and often so alone looking.  Who are there customers I wonder?

I think once upon a time, this city had a great vision.
They planted a ton of trees on the sidewalks...
Then the tree grew and grew and grew...until this!

I love the sea....I love the smell of the salty air,
the feel of the cool breeze, the colours in the sky and water.
I enjoyed my stroll down this lane

Bench time again!

The port had many cruise ships....lots of visitors

Another point of interest in Mexico is the colours.
They love colours as do I ...Just makes one feel happy...No??

n the evening...out came the horse and buggys

Here we are back at the Italian restaurant .....

Pesto, noodles, garden salad all together...This was amazingly delicious!!!!!

Papa had Pizza...but we shared each others....Yummy Yum

   This is where we had our Tomahalk Steak...(will post that adventure later)

The City of Ensenada at night....  I love the magical night shots...will share follow