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On The River, Tonight

Photo's by JAS

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Time Difference

I'm not sure why nobody can figure out the difference in time seeing as we all have the internet.... At 9:00pm in Miramichi it is 8:00am here (but the next day) ie I am 11 hours ahead of you. At 9:00pm in Grande Prairie it 11:00am here (but the next day) ie I am 14 hours ahead of you. This changes when daylight savings time comes into effect... China changes for nobody!!!! In fact all of China is a single time zone! They refuse to go by silly global standards... This country is united in purpose, economy and the time of day (so everyone conforms to Bejing time :)

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

From the Tozer House.

Hello My Children.

It has been a few days since I have been able to blog. My computer was disconnected as we moved around rooms. The sick room, (me old station), has once again become the master-bedroom. The windows in that room are fantastic. All the windows are now in, as are my two new doors. Dad/Papa is still working on the outside, framing, shingling, and putting it all in an eye pleasing order. pics soon to follow.

I went to Fredericton, where I picked up Auntie Joan and we travelled to Auntie Lavina.s in Moncton. Joanie has a doctors appointment at the Moncton hospital where he (the Doc) needed to do a special procedure on her heart to measure pressure. It was an all day affair. It was pleasant in one way...the sights, the people, but it was a long hull for me to drive. Auntie "L" put us up for the night...was nice to see her and Stan.

Roxann is all better. and we are all glad, boy was she sick or what???? Aunika has a bad cold right now. Baby Nonni does not handle colds too well. She seems weak in her immune system; in fighting them off without medical intervention. She will get stronger and handle all better in time....we all know that just look at her uncle Daniel.

Daniel your last adventures sounds fun, fun, fun. I must encourage you to back-track on all your blogs and then make a note of how many of them end by you saying that you will "tell that a bit later".... So I am waiting to still hear things like the taxi race, your trip to Dalian, where you found your electronic store, what kind of camera you got, and how about some pictures of your appt, school, and that electric socket over the doorway. I did understand that you did a you-tube video, but I can not access that from here at home. When I go somewhere I get high speed...I will see it. In the mean time I need still pictures, not of you son...but of what you are seeing.....well maybe a few of you.....so here I wait!

Did you get the phone numbers of your sibling Dan? If not I will e mail them to you....Just let me know.

You do sound extremely busy. I noticed on your itinerary that you do soon have a week coming up that is free. So please do get a few pictures on board. I AWAIT!!!

Hey Dan, Auntie Joan, Lavina and I sat together Monday night and read all your blogs, and the Friday before that, Shirley and I did the same. Nice uh.

Joanie told me a funny thing. On Wednesdays, there are a group of boys, who travel to lunch together. And they made up a thing called Elevator Wednesday......which means on there way to lunch, on Weds they get as many guys in the elevator as possible and they scream all the way as it goes up and all the way as it goes down...the same group of guys where ties on Friday. Last Wednesday when Joanie heard them coming, see ran to the elevator and when the doors opened she screamed" BOO"...she got them real good too, they jumped and squealed like a bunch of girls. Auntie Joan works the cash at the main cafe at UNB....she LOVES the young people. She has a load of fun with them. She told me that on Wednesdays, when someone will hear the screams as the elevator is coming, and they look confused and ask...."What is that"; she loves to say real casual..."Oh that...it just the boys..it's elevator Wednesday."

Kris is Frackin....Isaac is hotelin with(Becky) & their friends....Mark is wirelining.....Joe is managing site.....Daniel is teaching.....Corinna is assisting teachers..........Roxi is mothering and respiting and leading (she has the Cubs this year), Heidi is Mothering, taking a class and studying(her and Nonni are taking baby sign language) and she is respiting too. Dad is working and rebuilding the house.....Scott-Isaac is learning as is Caleb...Dassi is talking and ruling her parents.....because it is what two year olds do best!..............and ME.... I AM RETIRED!! and am resting with my gear in PARK!!!

Lovingly. As Ever Mother/Nana

PS... Just finished talking to Joe, he really wants to talk to you by phone....none of us can figure out the time differences...from east to west to China...also son, did you get Joes e mail, which included his number? LET ME KNOW ON YOUR NEXT BLOGGER BLOG! Love Mama.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Hi from Auntie "L"

Just to let you know your Mom put me onto your Blog. So will check on you from time to time Love and Hugs Auntie Lavina

A Winner In My Books

I entered Aunika into the baby face contest at Zellers. The 1s prize is killer. I thought I'd share with you all what I entered. I had to send a body shot a head shot and describe in 50 words or less why your baby should win. Points for originality. This is what I wrote and here are the pictures.

Two dancing eyes, one button nose
From her darling bald head right down to her toes
And baldy head baby makes everyone stare
So it wouldn’t matter what color she’d wear
Her smile, TO DIE FOR! Just wait till you meet her
There’s really no baby any cuter or sweeter

Sunday, September 21, 2008

I Have a Camera

In fact, I have a really nice camera. I made a video of my neighborhood this morning. I will follow with some others. I still need to show you all the beach and my house. I need to send a special "I love you" out to Heidi, whom I was not able to reach on her birthday :( I'm pretty tired, and wont blog too much. If I had the time I could write for two hours a day. I will take some time eventually to get caught up, and write about some of my adventures, just not right now. I wanted to be a little further ahead with my planning than I am. Also I don't have time to plan tomorrow as I have a dinner date with a Ukrainian Belly dancer named Eena (No idea how to spell that) Yes of course there is a story behind this. It involves a couple of roller coasters that would make Canada's Wonderland pee it's pants, a fantastic show, a party and a chance meeting at a Chwar bar (also known as a street meat vendor). Anywho, I have the video on my youtube sight. The link is posted in this blog. Here it is again just in case you are incompetent. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ktY6AUynqcM

I probably love you.... but if your a stranger just stumbling around on Blogger.... your weird and I don't love you. Really, why are you reading my family's blog.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

A new blog will arrive soon

I plan to take the upcoming weekend off (from being social and seeking adventure) in favor of a reasonably industrious weekend. Among my priorities will be posting a decent blog, getting some pics out, and of course planning lessons and marking. Not a ton of time now. Just sending some love.


Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Hello Dan & Siblings...from Ma & Pa

Hello Son

That sure sounded like a wild weekend. I missed your Blog on the weekend and was pleased that you did so today. You really need to get a camera son. I want more pictures of your surroundings. Your appt....your classrooms....your beach.....your local towns...ect!

Heidi and Kris have moved, and Marks brother Scott help them. Thanks Scott. Roxann is finally getting better. Good News there. Joe and Isaac played golf together today. I am sure that was relaxing and enjoyable for them both. Caleb had the day off school yesterday, because his dad gave him a father and son day. Hurray for you Caleb! Hadassah went to the park today and had a ball on the swing, Roxi said the higher you pushed her the more of a thrill she had.

Yesterday Roxi, Joe, Caleb and Dassi had breakfast at the food court in the mall. Hadassah was real attached to Joe. She did not want Uncle to put her down....and I wondered if she might of related Joe to Daniel....and has been missing her Unca Dan a lot. Joe said that she was sooo CUTE. She would go over to the neon lights and then say..."Oh Wow!. She is such a darling.

Heidi has a real mystery on her hands. She has yet to see Aunika really crawl. Whenever she leaves the room for just a minute or two, Aunika will cross the room. She will be completely on the other side. She has been doing this for days now. As long as her mom is around she stay stationary, and her mom has yet to see her travel... 'Funny as all get out.'

Dad and I ate lunch at the Canard and Supper at a fish and chip joint in Durbey. I loved it too.
We later had de-caf coffee and banana bread here at home. I love my homemade baking.

Take care everyone....I will post my new windows everyday....I am very excited.

Lovingly, As Ever, Mother/Nana

The first New Window

The Dinning room window is installed.....I love it!
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The Old Morrisey has been closed FOREVER! The beams underneath
have rusted through. It is completely unsafe for man or beast.
It is not going to be repaired, because of the new causeway bridge
that was built a few years earlier.
Goodbye Old Wire Bridge!!!!! GOODBYE!
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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Some pics

This was a canopy we had to boat under before crab fishing. The grapes on the vines were delicious.

Sorry I didn't have time to blog this weekend. I went on an amazing trip, saw some great locals, stayed in a sweet hotel, went to a fantastic health spa and watched the coolest show ever ( in the upper level of the health spa). The show had lots of dancing and singing on stage by numerous beautiful women. While the performance was happening, I was served cold beer, and had a girl massaging my feet and legs. My seat was the cushiest lay-z seat you've ever seen. Also you are given warm Pajamas as you leave the spa section, before entering the show. No camera's at the show.... sorry. Here are a few other pics from the weekend.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Saturday night on the Chi

Hello My Darling Loved Ones.

I have some pictures for you all....but it is NOT the promised news flash. I still do not have pictures of that yet.....I promise I will get them tomorrow, as long as it is not raining a pour.

My first set of pictures are of the state of your old homestead. Dad has been working so incredible hard. He has removed all the shingles around each window...the windows are all increasing considerable in size. They will all be single hung....meaning the pull up....or lift up to open. They all have grills between the window panes. It will look so fresh and updated when we are done....and hopefully marketable too. The brick chimney is gone bearing the old black tar paper, in the back of the house. As you will see in the pictures.

The next set of pictures show the sky. It was amazing tonight. I am told it will be so for the next few days..It is due to the hurricane which just crashed into Texas and his heading up the east board coast. I am glad all "Ike" will do to us is give us a showy skyline!

My last set of pictures are of a boat which caught fire. Dad and I were out for an Ice-cream, when we noticed a bellow of smoke coming from the hospital area, we could see flames leaping on what appeared to be the river, as we drove toward it we realized it was on the river....it was a boat! I hope no one was on it! I am sure I will all about it in the next day or two. After all this is the Miramichi!!!

That's all for now. Tomorrow I will post my news flash pictures....until then, love to all.

As Ever Mother/Nana

Shappy Old Tozer House.

Shingles are removed to make room for new windows
The windows will all be longer, and raise up to open.
A long ,yet new small window, is going in the dinning room
The chimney outside of the "old green room" is torn down.
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Sunsets after Hurricane Ike

The East Coast was lit up tonight in the aftermath of Ike
All Photos are by me...JAS...Judith Ann Standring
The Shore Road, just before Middle Island.
Geese are now beginning to gather for their flight south.
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On the other side of the Miramichi bridge a boat caught fire
Photos By JAS

It appeared to be a small fishing boat, it drifted down river with the tide.
PS>>>This is not the promised news flash....I am still gathering pictures on that one.Posted by Picasa

Thank you soo much Aunika!

What delightful videos Heidi. I have a hard time downloading them on my VERY SLOW dial-up mode, but on the weekend I went to dad's office and burned them on a disk. Now I can enjoy them forever. She is such a delightful baby, both Papa and I got a kick out of all of them. I am sure Daniel will be delighted also. When the "other members" get a change to view them they can not help but enjoy.

Roxi, next time you are on the blog, would you put up the video of Dassi and the dog dish? That one is such a priceless hoot!

Roxi is still very sick and has been all week. I trust now that she is on an anti-biotic she will be back on her feet by Monday. (God Bless her.).

I will blog later on....as I have some big Miramichi news, I want to get pictures first...then I will let ya all know whats new......It is a BIG news flash too!!!!!

Lovingly, As Ever Mother/Nana


Because everyone love the videos of Aunika so much I though I would add this funny one.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Autumn of Life....Going to seed.

Two Old Gals....Both Autumn babies..Judith Oct 2'd/ Shirley Sept 12th
Dandelion's Last Stages of Summer.
The Pod of the Rose: (Rose-hips)

The First Leaf of Fall! Taken at Middle Island (Photo's by JAS)
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Family Update From Mother/Nana


I hope you all enjoyed Heidi's video's of Nonni, I would say she is not into solids yet?! Ha. Her falling asleep in the highchair was priceless.

Roxann is sick this week, sore muscles and congested, she did not respite her little fellow. Hadassah spent yesterday in mommy's bedroom, while mommy tried to rest in bed. Hadassah did pretty good between climbing over her mommy and watching TV. Too bad I did not live closer....I would have like to have had her for the day.

Scott-Isaac and I x-massed shopped together, on the phone, with the catalog. He chose, a scooter and a sled. He informed me that Uncle Dan was going to buy him some drums....then he added "I hope?!" He saw a set in the Sears book and ohhed and awed over them. He is a boy with a beat.

I received an e mail from Joe this week. As we all know he and his family do not have a computer, so at this time blogging is very hard if not nearly impossible. He should be home in the next day or so, and he really wants to talk to Daniel. Speaking of that, guess what? Dan and I talked for 35 minutes. He sounded GREAT!!

First Daniel called me and I missed the call. By the time I called him back which was about 15 or 20 minutes, he was asleep. he said he was having a crazy dream....(sorry Dan). Through Alliant (NB Tel) it cost $3.95 a minute...WOW. Just to call Dan back was $4. Daniel had a calling card that cost him around $5, it was for 35 minutes. Roxann has long distance China covered on her plan....NICE!!

Dan called me at about 10 am my time....which would be about 7 am
Alberta time. He was all done his day and was off to bed. I never figured out the exact time difference, if fact Dan was just starting to tell me what time it was when the card ran out and we were cut off! ha. I'll get it next time.

Kristopher is back from Fracking and he and Heidi are moving. Today at lunch time, Kris was taking her out to lunch for her birthday. It is not for a few days yet...but he will be gone vy the 19th. I can only imagine how happy he was to see his girls.

Dad is finally done taking down the chimney. What a BIG job that was. The back of the house looks so different with out it. The shingles all around the windows are off, showing the black tar paper.......so right now the house is looking quite shabby. The rain has delayed our contractor. The windows just sit in the yard and wait.

I baked the most delicious peach pie this week. Talk about super good...yummy!! I also made peach muffins. It is the season for peaches. I had tea in town with Shirley this afternoon. It is her birthday tomorrow.
I said to her..."Are you turning 70 tomorrow"
She shrilled back at me 70....70...no I am not!
Then I felt bad thinking I missed the mark by a long shot.
"I am sorry Lee." I said.
I let a few minutes pass and then I humbly asked, "How old will you be."
Lifting her head up high she said, "I will be 69"
" What after all that fuss I was only off by a lousy year"
"A year is very important when you are my age", she declared.
Then we had a belly laugh!!
She is quite the Hoot...and old hoot I might add.

Aunika went to her first movie at the theatre. It was for moms and babies. A cartoon about a robot left behind. During the first fifteen minutes she laughed her head off. Imagine that at just seven months old. I think she is very intelligent...one of those high IQ-ers. Her mommy is entering her into the Zellers Baby Face Contest....sure would be sweet to see them win!

I just found out the Isaac sold his truck....ya I know...I am late on that news. I am told that Dino loves his new SUV. He would not ride in the cab of the truck, but cannot wait to ride in the new one. Funny fellow. Becky's little neice who live here on the Miramichi, Ava, had her picture in the paper. She is one of the most darling looking children. She really resembles Shirley Temple. Its amazing.

Well today is 9/11 and there will be many American families remembering the sorrow of 2001. SAD! Many other that breathed in the toxic fums from the collaps of the twin towers now have long term damage to their organs...again SAD.

It is at the stroke of midnight, so I guess I will be off to bed. My love to you Danielson. I hope you get to talk to Joe this up coming week. I also hope Roxi will call you some morning while she has her coffe, before her little darling began their day. I encouraged Isaac to join the Blog...lets all hope he does.

So until tomorrow, a good nite to ya all, except Daniel....to him a GOOD MORNING!

Lovingly, As Ever, Mother/Nana

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

A Message to My Family...Love from Papa/Dad

Papa/Dad said...
Hi all my wonderful family.... yes Mommys a great blogger and certainly keeps us all informed through her great work... Daniel sure appears to be very busy ... he's a bit of a chip off the old block, desiring to GET OUT THERE and really see the people and how they function. Yes, I ate different things in countries I visited, and got mighty sick on at least 2 occasions ... but we're tough. I hope you get out of the cities and see how the REAL PEOPLE live. I bet ya it'll be a step back in time....

Joe is one busy guy; always doing these 20 some day shifts must be tough on you and the family. God Bless ya Joe & My girl Corinna too. Soon Mom and I will be out there to help ya....

Roxi is booming along as per the usual. I recently observed Dassi drinking from the dog dish ... that would be a great piece to send to America's funniest, ehhh what ehhh???...

Lily Bit continues to lavish love on her Aunni. Her Fracker is away for a big hitch I guess, it's so nice to see ya'll getting on with the job....

Zacky my Zacky, I don't hear much from him. I guess he's busy. Thank goodness for Mommy who does her best to keep things on an even keel. How's yer dog Zack. How's yer girl sweet Becky, Zack. Hope things are going good fer ya....

Hi Mark and Kris, I don't want to ever forget my 2 favorite sons in law. Are you guys gona hunt this fall? Ya better get crackin'.

Moi .. old Dad ,,,, Well I just keep busy. Plannin' on callin' it quits soon. 'nother year and 9 months I t'ink. Roxi's gonna keep her eye out for a Basset Hound for me. I figure a basset will be about my speed

.Cheers to Skee, Bif, Dassi and Aunni.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008


Here's the sleepy video

Banana Anyone?

this was supose to be a movie of aunika falling asleep but I clicked on the wrong one... sorry and enjoy

Where are you, my special Uncle?

Uncle Dan, I really do miss you, do you remember when we hung out.
Why did you have to go to China. I would be your China Doll!
I am saying a lot of new words, everyday. I sure do love ya!
Thinking of you Uncle; Love, Your Neice.....Hadassah.
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Sunday, September 7, 2008

Here it Goes

So I’m going to give this a try and see if I can add photo’s too. Now I’ll be honest and say I don’t see why mom finds it so absolutely important for us to blog if she is going to tell all of our news anyway. You now know anything I was going to say and more. Yeah, so were moving and I’m working. Aunika’s cute, Kris is working, and I’m blogging. I really wish I had more to say. In fact I had a whole story planned out in my head as I was putting Aunika to bed and then I came in to read the blogs discovered that mom had recapped my stories before I got to tell them so here I am meandering through thought. OH and Dan don’t for get to wear sunscreen; it could save your life :)

P.S. when to type Aunika’s name on word and hit spell check it wants to change it to Arnica (a bacteria) or Anoka (a city in Minnesota).