Friday, October 31, 2008

Greetings from Auntie Lavina

Hi Everyone. Well a quiet Halloween here. Only one Trick or Treater! Different that 80-100 on Sunrise Ave. Just read the blog and was glad to hear all the news. First CONGRATS TO ISAAC AND BECKY, WHAT GREAT NEWS!! Nice to hear of Aunika's growing up progress. And so glad Dassi is progressing well too.

Judy, did you get the Christmas money to Roxi from me? And what did I buy??
Also, about Bus Tours. The Tatoo is one of the ones on the top of my list for next year. You have to book early. When I get the new book, usually in Feb. I think, we will talk. She does 2 trips to the Tatoo. They sound really nice.

Heidi, love and look forward to seeing your blogs and pics of your sweet girl.
Also, Hi to Joe, Corinna and Caleb.

Roxi, hope Marks hand is OK Tell him to go easy with the "POTATO GUNS"

Look forward to hearing more from everyone. Love and hugs to all Auntie L

Especially for Daddy Kristopher

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Daniel Phillips and the Home Team! Go Newfies Go!!

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Attention .... Mr Daniel Standring

Hey son I am still waiting for some subtitles under the pictures.

While you are at it, how about a few words from you. You know I am doing pretty good getting the family to blog,.... and this is no time for you to slack-off!!! I think Roxann is very close to doing her first blog... at least she says she is .... Right Roxi???

Oh ya, to Corinna and Caleb, I guess it is Auntie Roxi who has Calebs Halloween treat from the Miramichi. She might be in town on Halloweenie day .. if so she will drop them off for you Caleb.

My dear Corinna, I would love a christmas photo of Caleb. I hear Walmart is running a great special for X Mas. Papa and I have a Birthday gift for you and Joseph, it will be delivered soon ... do not worry, it is being delivered by a sibling, not the postmaster.


Colours Causing Trouble in E-Mails

Hello Family.

Today Roxann was telling me that the colour words do not always show up on the e-mails from the blogs. That is because the the Blogs page is black and your e-mails pages are white. If you are having problems reading the yellow or blue words, just follow the link to the blog, and it will be very clear and bright.

The problem is, even if Ichanged it in a different colour, you will not receive the edited post. sooo the easy solutions is to read it in the blog site.

Hope this helps other options would be to post it twice, buy copying and pasteing it, in a new post after I changed all the words to black.... having said that if anyone is having trouble getting thier link to work, just e mail me and I will fix you right up! Okie-dokie?

Lovingly, as Ever Mother/Nana...


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Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Hello my Loved Ones

Where do I start? Well I guess I will start with the member of the family who has made a life changing move.... Isaac has asked Becky Lyons of the Miramichi to marry him. She has accepted and is now toting a beautiful diamond. They plan a long engagement, so we do not have a date. Becky is mighty thrilled, and we welcomed her into our family and our hearts this week. Remember God has a great plan, and everything that is on that film, will happen just as it should. Many blessing to our couple! CONGRATULATIONS ISAAC and BECKY

Daniel called us this week, both mom and dad spoke to him. He is having a wonderful and positive adventure. He seems to be living his passion, and dreams of going for his masters in education, and future world travels.

Speaking of getting calls, believe it or not.... Nonni Waye called her Papa last week. Here is how it all happened. (true story)
The phone rings and as I am to busy to answer it (unlucky me ), Papa goes to take care of the matter.
I hear Papa saying.... hello... Hello ... Who's there? .... I can hear Youuuu!!
I then heard Papa say some Goo goo and Gaagaa's
And for the next 2 or 3 minutes Papa makes sounds and calls out "Hello".
Then he hears Heidi's voice say..." Ohh what have you got Honey. Is that phone turned on?"
At which time Papa is hung up on!!! No worries, Papa calls Heidi right back and says... "Hey
you cut off our call, Nonni called Papa and we were talking."

We all had a great laugh over that one. Aunika's at nine months old made her first phone call. It was to Papa Standring. How neat is that!!

Daniel is going to title his pictures that he posted this past month, that way we can all know where they are taken at, and what he was doing. I told Daniel that if he did not have time for LONG DETAILED post that we would be happy with LITTLE clips of , "hellos" and Bye for now's" Just so nice to hear from him, for all of us. Pictures with caption and wee posting will do since he is so crazy busy, working and playing.

Corinna your pictures of your trip were wonderful. it inspired me to collage them. Thanks for your postings. How about some Halloween picture of Darth Vader... If you see one this Halloween?? OK?! Did Caleb get his Halloween package from Nana yet? If not it is at Auntie Heidi's... so give her a call.

Mark darling son-in law, had a bit of an accident this week. While working in his shop he hit his hand with the mighty force of a hammer. It split the skin between his pointing finger and his thumb. He had to have five stitches. He is sore but OK. His older brother was with him when it happened, I told Scott, that he should have protected Mark. When he asked me how he could have done that, I told him he could have shoved his hand under the hammer and spared Mark the grief! hehehaha!

Aunika is progress at an amazing rate. This past week or two, she has walked holding on to things, she is making very specific sounds, especial "Mama", she is climbing, as you can see in the Pic's from her parents, and she can make long distance calls. WOW WOW WOW! I feeling the need to get out there.

Hadassah is into Elmo these days. She is talking and talking and says just about anything now. NICE UH. Scott-Issac may be visiting NB this summer. He might come with Isaac and Becky, He will be visiting his Grandfather Flewwelling, Grandmother Gaudet and we hope Nana and Papa Standring. Considering he will be ten, I think I only have a summer or two left of a little boy, sure would be nice to have him on the Miramichi.

I am now buying blind and curtains for my windows.

I just finished buying my Christmas gifts for Caleb this week. He really wanted a guitar, and Sears has a nice thirty inch folk size guitar, in blue with lighten bolts on it. I ordered him all the accessories for it.... bag...picks...strap...tuner..strings..ect. I have a surprise for him too. He will love it. I bought he and Skee a few extra thing here, but if I do not send them for xmas...I will bring them out to them for ..."Nana is here gifts" I bought Skee a scooter, he wanted a Razor one, but after researching scooters, the best one for boys who want to jump with them, is made by a skate board company called "Air-Walk". So I bought him that one. He also ordered a sled. I have a surprise for him too. I bought Dassi some animals, and a couple of Fisher Price Little People sets. The Garage Set and the Town Set. I bought Aunika A Fisher Price Ride on Corn Popper, and a Little Peoples play set. I hope all the little ones love the gifts.

My niece, Denise Decker (Aunt Patricia's Girl) had a little baby girl last week. Now has a boy Landon who is two, and a girl named Sophie. We wish her well!

Aunt Dee Dee's boy Daniel, played his first competitive basket ball game this week. His whole family went out to watch him. Dee Dee says that when he gets the ball and is heading for the basket, the kids in his way are just like paper dolls, he simply blows them away as he moves fast, dripping the ball ...look out to the enemy. One Ball , One basket, One Boy. One more score! way to go Daniel.... Your family thinks your the BEST!!! That included us here in NB too!

Auntie "L" thank for the post about your trip. I think I would like to go to the Tattoo in Halifax...Look into that for me would you. I am sure your Bus Tour does that? Say hi to dear old Stan for us all. "HI STAN"!

Joe is back on job, and as far as I know he is working close to home this week. He so loves that. Corinna and Joe had Mom/Nana and Dad/Papa look at a property down in Murray's Corner, it was and old homestead with the history of over 100 years. It has a beach front, nearly 3 ac er. What a beauty of a place. Man I wish they could by it right now. Or that we could... But it is to early for either of us to do so yet. Nice find guys ...Ya never know...RIGHT?

Roxann spent the last half of this week attending a special workshop for dealing with special need kids. She loved it and said she learned so much. I am so glad for her. She is such a smart lady, maybe she will pursue such career, if she has so much passion for that kind of work.

Sure am lonesome for you ALL. You all live to darn far away. Just as soon as Dad/Papa retires I am living closer to you .... Now I bet my bottom dollar by the time that comes to be, you will all decide to scatter about. Oh no, that is stinkin thinkin...ain't it Roxi. (SNL..Stuart) !

God Bless ya all my darlings. Dad/Papa is fighting a cold. We has service this evening and it was very uplifting. All is Well in Him, Jesus Christ.

As Ever, Your Mother/Grandmother/Sister/ Buddy

Now and Then....Mark Andrew Standring

Collages of Dad/Papa...Now and Then!
When at Bebe's she shared the pictures of days gone by with me.
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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Spider Baby

OH MY!!!

So there we were; all three of us doing our own thing. I was chatting with my borther-in-law Keith, Kris was BBQing and Aunika plying with her toys. I came into the living room and this is what I saw I called for Kris and he took the pictures while I did a video of our little SPIDER BABY.

Caleb in Jasper

Jasper Dog, Bubba... Caleb on top of Mountian,.... Mountian Sheep
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Thursday, October 23, 2008

The highway to Bathurst.

From the car window, on the highway
October the 23'd 2008
Hey, I found a real cool guy yesterday!
Made by Kalan and Chloe Murphy & Doggie Sarah
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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Auntie "L" Bus Trip

Went on a Thanksgiving tour. Left Salisbury went to Nova Scotia, via Wentworth Valley, the day was beautiful, sunny and mild, the leaves were at peak of their Maritime beauty. Travelled to Tatamagouche, for a Thanksgiving Dinner with all the trimmings at a old Original Train Dining Car from the 1930's restored to original condition. Also a car used by Governal General Sir Earl Gray. Fully restored. Then to museus of Anna Swan, a giantness, 7 feet tall from the area, ealry 1900's very interesting. Then on to the Jost Winnery for a tour of vineyards and how wine is made. Also, free samples, bought some, of course, Also a small bottle of the expensive "ice wine" to try. Then on to Pictou for light supper and on home. A full and nice day. Have a tour booked for St. Andrews Christmas lights. ctc. on Dec. 10th. Hope this is not too boring, Enjoy reading about everyone's doings. Until Later Auntie L

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Auntie BeBe's Golden Ticket

Mactaquac October 2008
Baby Logan & Mommy BeBe, in May 2008
Logan all grown up.
Logan visited the Miramichi in May 2008
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Sunday on the Miramichi

Sunday Service at Our House
Miramichi's Centenial Bridge... The Still Waters
Quarryville, Miramichi River
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Outside Windows of Tozer House

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Inside Windows of Tozer House

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Greetings from the Miramich!

Hello My Family:
First and formost....Hoppy Birthday to You.....Happy Birthday to you.....Happy birthday dear SON....Kristopher...Happy birthday to Youuuu. AND MANNY MORE...AND MANY BLESSINGS. 23 years and a daddy of ONE! (October 20th)
Lots and lots of pictures have been arriving on the blog...soo nice. I need to to write and up date us one and all. (Still waiting for Roxi to post some pictures of that beautiful girlie of her)

Skee has sold over $600 worth of popcorn(still not to late to get some for x mas gifts...or for yourself), he has proven himself to be a great salesman. He spent time going door to door in his neighborhood. GREAT WORK SKEE.

Caleb and his parent went to Jasper this weekend. They will always have many great memories of that place. I haven't spoke to any of them since they returned to here about their adventures. I know that the Friday they left, Caleb had Friday off school to have a father and Son day! In fact so did Scott-Isaac have Friday afternoon off for a Father and Son day. I think that is just about the grandest thing ever. What great dads!!!

Hadassah seems to have recovered fairly well from her allergy bout, although Roxi sees that she has regressed some, that may improve once that she recovers more. Heidi is spending the end of the week babysitting for Roxi, Roxi is attending special meeting regarding her Respite Work.
Cubs is going well for all the Flewwellings, including the little tender paw(Dassi) who is at all the meetings.

Aunika, the funny little gal, has decided that STANDING is the only way to go. She continues to pull herself upright all day long. Sometimes her little legs get so tired that she buckles at the knees and down she goes. This causes her to howl up a storm. She simply goes right back at it and pulls herself up again. I bet she is walking in another month or so!!! She as also started that continues babbling, like she is talking in paragraphs, in babi-nees. I can so clearly remember Hadassah doing that...It is such a cute stage!

Isaac and Mark F. have both received their own trucks.....WOW finally and how nice for them. I haven't spoken to Isaac about it yet, but I understand that Mark is pleased as punch. He really likes his Engineer and he is going to train his BIG brother. Man when little brother get to be the official boss of big brother, something is work well!!

Our windows are all finished except for some finishing paint...I LOVE MY WINDOWS. I will blog pictures real soon.

I spent the night at Mactaquac last week. Bebe and I had a great visit....ya I know, who couldn't have a great visits with that GEM. She is LOVING her 'golden ticket' from retirement, her little Corgi, Logan. She calls him .."Loggie my Love" Now close your eyes and hear Auntie Bebe's voice saying...."Ohh Loggie my Love". Aint that sweet!! I will post pictures of Loggie too.

Auntie "L" was on a bus tour trip last week. Hey Auntie, how about a little blogging about that trip. YA!

Corinna and Joe, how about a little news about Jasper too....Aaaa come on, just for Daniel.?

Dad/Papa and I had Church service in our home this Sunday. What a beautiful closeness having the Saints in your home. I had a big turkey dinner again. I took some pic's will share them later too.

Feeling very lonely for you all, not sure now that I can wait until January to go out west???? Would love to go to China too, wish Daniel was making a million over there and could fly me out. Dad and I just spent 10,000 dollars on the windows....we are scraping the bottom of the barrel AGAIN! Oh well on the up side, we sure love each other and have the greatest family on earth, 5 original babies, plus 4 more that God gave me, then 4 grand kiddies...WOW am I blessed or what!
Daniel my love, you still OWE Mother a birthday wish, I am a half of a century old!!!!

Sunday I took some amazing water pictures, the river was so still it just looked like a looking will see!...Pic's to follow.

My hair is growing, thicken up, God has been so good to me. I still thank Him everyday for that Divine Healing on my body. He must have decided to leave me here on earth so I could enjoy a wee bit more of you all. Oh I do so LOVE GOD!! He is EVERYTHING to me and Dad/Papa. You know children, we will one day be with Him and everyone of you will be there also. All my five orginials, and all my add-ons and all my grandchildren. Imagine being in a place with PERFECT love, enjoying a life without termoil or strife, and in this palce you have everyone you ever loved!!! IMAGINE THAT!! Amen...Oh my, I sure love ya all. I sure love HIM.

Well my Lovelies, May God blessings be upon you all, know that Dad/Papa and I love you all....Roxann, Mark, Scott-Isaac, Hadassah...Daniel...Joseph, Corinna, Caleb....Isaac, Becky....Heidi, Kristopher, Aunkia...13 sweet blessings.

As Ever, Mother/Nana

Sunday, October 19, 2008

A few pics

This will have to hold you over, for now.