Thursday, November 27, 2008

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Hi Mark (Papa) Standring. Just wanted to clarify that you and Judith are expected to visit the Salisbury area over the Christmas Holidays. I realize that my previous message was not clear about that open invitation. Looking forward to seeing you and Judith. As Ever Lavina & Stan

Babies are great

So on November 24 after about 6 weeks of cruising furniture Aunika took her first steps by herself.

With no coaching from me, while at the car dealership Aunika let go of a coffee table she was standing up at and took a few steps to a chair.

What a great Girl.

That same day when we came

home she helped me do the

laundry by carefully

inspecting the dryer.

Roxi Let me know if you were able to get the package. Sure Hope So Love Auntie L

Me and the Boys are wishing Joe a happy Birthday from high atop some Chinese Statues in Kai Fa Chu

Happy B-day

Hey Joe. I'm not sure I'll be able to get a hold of you today, so I just wanted to make sure I got a happy birthday your way somehow.

I love you and miss you brother


Monday, November 24, 2008

Lavina's Gift arrived! Happy Birthday to JOE!

Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday to Joseph
Happy Birthday to youooo!!!
And Many More..
May God Bless Youoooo!!

From Mommy

I see that Auntie "L" said that she sent me a package on Friday. Well Sir, I received it MONDAY morning. WOW! Now that is service.

I read the card and the card encouraged me to open my Christmas gift so it could be enjoyed "for the Season". I did. It was a CD of Celtic music, I haven't heard it yet, but will but it on tonight and hear it in bed. (Dad/Mark is away). She also sent me a Broach, of a wrapped Xmas gift. Since it is Seasonal, I shall where it now right through till January.

THANK YOU MY SWEET FRIEND! I told Lavina that we should buy each other broaches for our birthday, Xmas etc. They are always nice to have.

Roxann I loved Hadassah "Good Morning" pictures... and as always I LOVE your collages. I have to yet watch the Video.

Talked to Joe tonight...or rather this morning (it is 1;45am) and I wished him a happy birthday. I told him that Dad said he would provide a cake for him and we must work out something for coffee and cake dessert some evening when he is off again...soon it will be Mark's birthday too, so we should have a cake for the three of you!

Hi Daniel Darling, I am missing you a lot. Thanks for the pictures. Do send more real soon, Okay.
God bless you all.


Lavina's Gift arrived!

oh dear

This is just a quick post regarding my mailing address. I can no longer get mail through General Delivery. My box is as follows.

Whoever Flewwelling
PO box 932
Sexsmith AB, T0H 3C0.

ps.Sorry to all those I forget to tell....

Love and stuff, Roxi
Roxi Sent you an EXPRESS package today. Let me know when you get it. And follow the instructions!!! Love Auntie L

Judith I sent you an EXPRESS package on Friday, Let me know when you receive it. Love Your Friend L.

Dassi almost counts to 10

Good Morning 'Dassah

Brushing Teeth and ready to go to town with Momma
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Friday, November 21, 2008

Saint Mary's School Choir

Scott-Isaac Sings in School Choir

Our Choir Boy...He is such a Darling!

Scott-Isaac, congratulation on you first Public Musical Choir Show! I wish I could have been there to see you, however the next best thing is seeing all the pictures, and Of course I am grateful for you calling me up last night, and singing me some samples. You have a fantastic "Choir Voice" and I hope you continue to practice, cause practise makes us better and better.

God Bless you Honey...Lovingly Nana & Papa

PS... You looked so Handsome...we loved your suit too :)

St. Marys Elementary Chior

They were fab....view som clips @ M&R Flewwelling on youtube
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This is how the Chior was instructed to look on stage. "EYES OPEN, FOR SPARKLE"

All ready for a public performance. Cool and collected.
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Thursday, November 20, 2008


Please note that all photo's (not Videos) in the blog can be CLICKED on. This brings the photos up on a large screen. It is especially nice for the collages, as you can see all the detail in each of the smaller pictures.

I have this blog set up so that most of you get your blog in your e mail box, but it is often worth it to click into the blog itself. The words and pictures really stand out against the black background in the blog. Here they can be opened much larger.


A Beautiful Friendship...By Heidi Waye

A Beautiful Friendship

Click the link to see Video of Dassi and Nonni on youtube

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Heidi's House Tour

Danger-Girl Charms her Momma


Aunika darling I loved your PJ's. You have the most wonderful, beautiful smile. If you become any more joyful and happy, Nana thinks you will burst!

We loved the pictures Heidi, she is a living dolly.

Loving as Ever Mom/Nana

from the Waye home

As you already know my beauty girl is under the weather. what you might not know is that I have 3 vidoes on youtube waiting for viewing. You'll find it under TheWayeFam (important: NO SPACES) OK Aunika wants me to go...BYE

Family Update Time:

Hello My Loved Ones.

I was to Doggy-sit Logan, Auntie BeBe's baby, this week, as BeBe was planing to go to Florida with David and Sharrell. Somehow her payment never went through and by some mis-calulation she never recieved her ticket. If you know BeBe, she would chalk it up to believing that it was not meant to be. I have not chatted with her yet, but Daddy/Papa tells me that she was going to accepted however it turned out. I did not get the call to look after "Loggie her Love" so I know she did not go. Maybe next time! "Lord Willing". She can alway visit the Miramichi if she and Loggie wish!

Hadassah and Aunika put in last weekend together. Roxi was away at a Scout Canada retreat, as she is a Cub Leader this year. The two little girls had a nice weekend, they shared everything, including germs, and now they both have real dilly-of-a-cold! Poor babies. Both Mommy, Heidi and Roxi are nursing their girls back to health. With the kind of mothering they get, all will be well in no time!

Scott-Isaac and Caleb also spent the weekend together. I understand they had a real good time also. Uncle Joe was off and he sure knows how to make a special day for the Boys. He is a great Uncle, (according to his nephew) and a wonderful father. Caleb tells me on a scale of 1 to 10 his daddy raters 8,946 that amazing if you ask me?

Joe and Corinna celebrated a dual birthday together, and I have not heard how it went yet. Dad/Papa and I/Nana sent them a special gift. We had a Wedding Book printed for them, in a leather binding. We did not get to view it yet, and we both can not wait to see it with them. I will get that change in January. Dad in the summer...I think? I do trust it was lovely Joe and Corinna? xoxoxxoxo!

I was real honoured to attend a conference of Dr Jack Newman, he is one of the world leading pediatrician, and specializes breastfeeding mothers. He has travelled all over the world promoting hospital to become breastfeeding friendly. He was a great speaker, and I had about 15 minutes to talk to him before the presentation. It was very delightful. He is a very compassionate and kind Doctor.

Daniel.....THANK-YOU for the photos. I completely understand when you say that it is with your Canadian friends that you are spending your time. Of Course! I was delighted that you seemed to really understand about OUR need to see what you are seeing. Even if the landscape is not so different, it still is wonderful to see what you see. Can you take pictures of your class. You and some students would be lovely to view too. I loved the walk way at Andre...nice. I thought the wood museum was great. Such work! Yes these pictures were great. And it is something that the Kids can copy and paste and use as school reports...ect. Thank you so much Daniel. Please do send us more. Take some pictures of your apartment. Take some of the outside of the school. Take some pictures of the motorcycle taxi's ect...
Ya, and thanks for posting under the pictures...It makes a nice record and help us to place the time and place. It was great! I LOVED IT, as did DAD!

Isaac sent me some nice pictures yesterday, I will post a few of his trip to the Rocky's and of he and Becky. I was hoping he would find some time to chat to me this week off, but I he was busy. He returns to week this as does Kris. This up coming week, all the men are away in the oil-Fields. So it is each woman to her self! I might add that these are VERY capable women too....Roxi, Corinna, Becky, and Heidi....alone for the week, not a man in sight!! Go girls go!

Dad/papa and I have been nowhere and have done nothing together this month...yet. he has to go to Fredericton next week and to Ormocto the week after for an overnighter....not sure as to my plan yet. I do have A FEW PROJECTS that need my time. And as all you girls know, one can get so much done when you guys are away. So we will see.

Roxi I love your collages.

Dad/Papa and I/Nana finally got our Christmas present for you all. We have not opened it. It was really nice of you all to chip in and buy Dad/Papa and I/Nana a gift. I am sure it will be the only gift we have come Christmas. So I think we should wait and open it during the season. I will make a special time out of us opening it. it will be fun.

We are thinking of having a visit with Paul and Norah-Jean overnight at Xmas, and with Stan and Lavina have invited us, and I want to go to Fredericton...hoping Mark might have a few points for a hotel stay...we will see, but I have to visit the Phillips when they who knows maybe we will get more Xmas joy then I thought we would. At first I visualized Dad/Papa and I here at home, opening our gift, eating a special dessert and calling it Xmas...thinking about the joy of all our grand babies way out there in the west. We decided not to go out together at x mas cause dad and I thought we would like to go together in the summer and do a bit of travelling and looking around at places(homes). We could not afford both. So pick and chose...that is life. I hope we have a nice time in August when we both come.

I trust that you all have a great day today. Know that Mother loves you ALL.
God bless you.

as Ever, Mother S


Good for you Mark, it is always heart warming to see new growth. also congratulations to Roxi for her new Hardwood floors (yet to be installed). She work so hard for the money. All her research, form filling, running after signatures, finding and getting the doctors to co-operate, going through pills of government regulation, has paid off....well you no doubt by now earned every penny in labour fees...but still every little bit helps, right. Now Flewwelling men....get them installed, as Mother Standring wiil be there to inspect the new floor in January! Go Mark & Scott, GO! Again congratulation to Mark(my son) for his Vestige...xoxoxo.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

To Mark F


Oh Yeah

I PUT ON MY OWN "BUMP" (helmet)
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Too Cute

Dear Family, far and wide, I have a bad cold, this is the only smile I will give today. Mom thought you should all see it...for some reason...
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Monday, November 17, 2008


Hi Fam,

Mark came home today with the news that he has been "VESTED"....I know, ???, . What this means is he a "permanate Schlumberger fixture". He now has the right to his pension (whatever that is?) and his profit sharing, (thanks to the stars & stripes, is not as much as it was before it was "BUSHED-UP")...But all in all it means a good job security....
Scott-Isaac has finished book 5 in the "Series of Unfortunate Events (the Austere Academy)".
Hadassah says "What you want", when ever she wants somthing.... (This is not a fun game/nongame), Then I go through the list of her possible wants/needs. When I guess wrong she says "NO", when I get it right she says, "O.K. then".
Good thig "IT" & "SHE" is/are so cute.

That is all for now.... Hope my new Floor is laid soon....
Love your Big Sis/Mommy/Dotter.....Roxi


This is just a quick post....mostly for Dan....
Just wanted to give you the Tag/link to my youtube vidios
it is: M&R Flewwelling
there are some cute new ones if you can view

Love you so, Big Sis

My Kiddos

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Fun and Love: Father and Son
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Fancy new Doo

Dassi has hair long enough to style now
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Fun with Daddy

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Saturday, November 15, 2008

Nonni nu and Dassi doo

First of all. Dan what we should do is make a phone date. Let me know when you want to call even give me a range like b/t 5 and 6 pm (my time) and I'll make sure I'm there. you can always call my cell 780-832-4415... also home is 780-567-4048 just incase. I check my email mostly every day so this should work.

Second what do you think of your 2 little gals... see how big they're getting