Saturday, January 31, 2009

A New Do

Come here and let me show

you my new hairdo

It's Almost as cute as me

My Hair has grown that it can go
in an itty bitty ponytail

Isn't that nice everyone

and this is me watchin' the tube my
favorite show is baby Einstein

Love A Baby

Aunika Learns to play baby
it is her new favorite game

She Loves mommy to help her play baby
she can give the baby bottle, lulu, and feed baby
Aunika fell Asleep with her baby

Aunika Gets to hold a real baby

A Wee Hello From "The Chi" (MiramiCHI)

Hello Family:

I had a lovely chat with my Queenie(Corinna) tonight. Daddy and I thought she looked so beautiful in the pictures she posted. I have to confess, that I love her curls...having said that she looked some nice in her straight hair too.

Corinna has had such a busy school year, and with one student leaving and a new one in hand, her experience continues to broaden. She is really hoping that this upcoming spring break may lend itself to allowing her to travel home to PEI. I hope that happens for her.

Joe and her and 'the boy' have spent a lot of time skating. Awsome!!! Tonight the daddy and son were out skating while the 'mommy' got supper ready for them.

Aunika appears to have an ear infection....poor baby girl. mommy is treating the pain and fever, if she does not improve by Monday....then off to the doctor they shall go.

Roxann has had the carpet removed from her bedroom this afternoon, and was waiting for Scott and Mark to began installing the hardwood. Dassi was sleeping when I called and Scott-Isaac was chatting to his mother at the same time I was.....much to his mother's dismay.

I had a chat with Isaac last night. he was working on his laptop, downloading new gadgets and sharing with me some of his older ones. The oil patch had slowed down, and this is a bit too early for that to happen. Becky was knitting a scarf, and visiting with her sister. Dino was sleeping...the big old lazy LUG! hehehe lol

We haven't heard from Daniel for a few days, and we all await his pictures of his jungle hike and his scuba diving expedition. WE LOVE HIS PICS!!!

Daddy is doing fine and I am recovering remarkably well for an old-timer.

I Love You All,

God Bless; Mother/Nana...Good bye January!!!!

Friday, January 30, 2009

Dassis Newspaper Birthday wish

Joy bells are ringing as Hadassah hugs her Ballon of
Dora. How Cute can one little girl be??? WOW
Papa and I adored this picture and had it published
in the Local newspaper along with the Picture
of Aunika, below.....

January Babies...January Beauties

Aunika, looking very self assured...taken on her B-day
This has become one of Nan favorite pics of her!
This picture of Hadassah makes her look older then two.
One can see all her hair...unlike her one year old cousin


In this picture, with her wild mane
going every which way it can
Hadassah looks a lot like brother..Skee

Aunika is dressed her Birthday Gown.....
All photos of the baby girls were taken
their moms....posted by their Nan :)

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

You were so cute...all of you!

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Daniels Parent...Silly US!

Wed Jan 28th,,,storming outside..just goofing around
All Photos taken By Dad...includung our together one.
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Pictures of Dad For daniel

He must retire soon or we may lose him
You see Daniel, He needs a change!
But I do dearly love him....nuts and all! Haha xoxox
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I was going through some pictures on the computer and felt like I had never seen this one before and found it particularly funny. I thought it needed a caption.
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A post from Kris....finally

Well hello to all, it's been so long since my last post that I might have to introduce myself again. I am home tonight, back to work tomorrow, then off to Ft. Nelson soon after (a gruelling journey of more than 600 km on the Alaska highway to our destination). As Ma so knowledgeably said, I have a week left in my days on, followed by 6 days off. Working hard these days. At work we just got a new iron truck`. This one is equipped with 4 inch iron, in contrast to our usual 3 inch iron. So before, to build our temporary pump line, we would carry the iron pipes on our shoulders until we got it to its place, lower it, screw it to the last piece of iron, then sledgehammer it together. The average piece of iron weighing about 130 lbs, and some pieces being too small (in size, not weight) for two guys to comfortably carry, one guy carried one piece. NOW, that the iron is an inch wider in diameter, and consequently much heavier, it is still awkward for two guys to carry certain pieces.....meaning that now one guy carries pieces that weigh up to 200 lbs. This new iron has made life particularly difficult. The whole point of this new iron of course being that we can achieve a faster rate of pumping through larger iron. The picture I posted shows a typical setup of our iron, each union where two pieces meet needing to be hammered, and both pieces needing to be carried, you can imagine he work required to assemble and disassemble our lines at a new site each day. I do still however love my job.

As well, these cold cold days of below -40, starting an engine the size of the one on our pumps (a 2250 horsepower v12 diesel engine like those used on cruise ships) is particularly hard. They are set up with a circulating coolant heater, and still take 3 hours of heating to start. The roads we drive on are usually coated in ice, requiring our tractor trailers to put a full set of tire chains on, covering 9 of 10 tractor tires with metal spikes. The driving is stressful (and sometimes scary) enough, that so far 2 new guys quit because of it. However they were both from Saskatchewan, which is no comparison to the Canadian Rockies. So Dan, that is a glimpse at what my typical day looks like. At least ice is clean, it wont be long before this happens:

Although I enjoy work, I really enjoyed being away from work for two weeks this month (even if under the circumstances that brought me home). It was a really good opportunity for Aunika and I to spend some much needed Daddy-Daughter time. We had a fairly irregular schedule that mostly consisted of the same events every day. We would wake up whenever and walk around the house with Nonni in arms for about an hour. Wake up time was sometimes around noon because her schedule got really messed up being up all night in the hospital that night. Then after our hour we would try having some breakfast, usually apple sauce. She never had much of that. We would then find something to do...either go to town for some shopping or chores, or watch a Baby Einstein movie, or play with some toys. Then it was Nonni's naptime with mommy. During this time daddy would do his chores, like work outside (with a walkie talkie of course, courtesy of Roxi). Then Nonni would be awake for all hours of the night until about 2-3 am. One night She went to bed around 10, which we thought was awesome...thinking her sleep patern was shifting back to normal. Then she woke up at 2 am, ready to party. So I packed her up and we went grocery shopping! The first 24 hour grocery sore we went to was closed till 4:30 while the one worker took his break. Being only 3 I decided to try the other IGA. It was closed until 5:30 for maintenance. So we drove to Timmies for a double double, MacD's for a cheese burger, then back to the first IGA and did our shopping. We go some funny looks walking around a grocery store at such an hour. What an adventure. Well, time for bed for me. Hope to talk to you all soon. Take care.


Sissy-n-law Corinna

Check it out Dan, I got my hair cut and straightened. I'll be back to Curly Sue by morning but hey, it was fun for a was super nice out today so Caleb, Kevin & I (who were lucky enough to have the day off) went out sledding all afternoon. We built some sweet jumps, that took up most of my time.....after we eat, Joe, the boy I are going to go for a skate and then call it a night.
Well, looks like you're having a blast! Some of those pics were amazing and I'm sure there will be plenty more to come. I really liked the ice castles, but OH MAN! do I want to go visit you at one of those warm places....I think I'm gonna quit my jobs and come play instead....yeah. So when do you go back to work and when do you get off for summer break? Are you still thinking of coming back to do your masters?
Anyhow, soups up so I gotta run....LUV YA & MISS YA A BUNCH!!!!

This is What Corinna looks like when she's all done having her picture taken, thats the woman I know and love...

Caleb Play'in his xbox 360 and 'sleepin'

Hey Dan: Here is some of those couch pictures I promised!!!

This picture is for your lady friend, So she knows she has the J-Man's "Seal Of Approval".

This is a picture of me, cuz I know you miss me!!!

Just a picture of a rig I was on when I work as a safety supervisor, I'll show you all (mom) what a completed wellsite looks like next time I come back from Zama, and come this spring I'll be using a helicopter and an ATV to get to some of my more remotes wells so I'll put some of those 'adventures' up as they come. oohh and dan I'll start taking pictures of my self laying on my couch just for you (in grotesquely slothful positions) . With Love, Joe

This just a test to see if I can take pics off my camera and transfer them to Corinna's laptop, and then add them to the blog (Corinna say her little Crap-o-laptop can only view images, I'm trying to see if my computer savvy can prove otherwise) .

Pictures to Show you we care too Daniel..xoxo

Your Mother broke her legs....I visited her at the ER
Your Mothers side of the Family...xoxoxoxox

Auntie Joan, her granddaughter Grace, Cousin BeckieAnn

says....Hi Daniel...How is China???

Posted by PicasaYour AMAZING Nanny...Look at how long her hair is
Remember she lost it all during her CANCER battle...Which she WON!