Saturday, February 28, 2009


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The Little Builder

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To Scott-Isaac

A Big Congratulations to you on your Big Award for your awsome accomplishment!! Auntie Lavina


Congratulations to Scott-Isaac on recieving a math award. He was the only one in gr 4 who achieved 100% on his unit exam, "Problem solving with multiplication & division" His good freind Jesse also got a math award for his diligence.
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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Only A Girl Named Dassi

A Gals Best Friend

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Lavina's new Man & New Car!

This is our contribution to the sagging economy.
Also to help the Auto Industry
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Lavina's Birds

Chickadee & Goldflinch at Auntie "L"'s
Photo by Auntie "L" with Mother's Camera
A view form the front window!
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A lovely Letter

I found this in Skooks Bookbag, LOL! I hope it can be read on the Blog
Heres what it says,
Dear Uncle Dan
Hey its worlds best monkeys uncle. Hows China? I might be visiting (date: june 31, 2012). So still like donkey meat eh? Hows vicky? Can't wait to meet her.
So life in Canada is great. I have a 360. Well the blog says it all. I'm making a Weird Al musci vid of the song Your Pitiful, it'le be all over youtube.
Well nice writing to ya. Oh yeah I almost fergot. I might be able to be in oghkanagan when you come. bye. p.s. when you get here reregester your Jetta.
Yours truly
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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Miramichi Storm!

Sitting room window...snow on the deck
Early the snow drifted over the car
The top of the car as seen by the Kitchen window
Snow fell until it nearly reached the top of the lamp at the end of the driveway
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The last of it

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for mom working

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For Mom 'cause hotmail's not working

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Monday, February 23, 2009


Hey everyone;

Just a reminder that Aunika's Birthday party will be Saturday Feb. 28 at 3:00 to about 6 or 7 (depending on how Aunika feels)

Dan if you would Like to call everyone will be here to say Hello

See you all Then... Cheers

Sunday, February 22, 2009

1,2,3, DING! Morning fun... Mom in PJs....Baby in Diaper

Aunika Big Birhtday Bash!

Just a reminded to check in with the blog. There is Aunika's upcoming party....Daniel has posted a video by Joe's request...Hurray Joe!... Daniel is back to classes....He called Mom and Dad again on a Sunday Morning during we did not get that call. BooHoo!! It is the one day of the week, Daniel, that you will not get us....Hope Isaac has had a good week of work...Trust Becky is doing well....Hope that Corinna and Caleb have gotten all tickets for flights to PEI. Roxi is having the Hardwood floor crew do the Baby's room this week and Hadassah was going to have her party this past weekend but Brother Scott-Isaac is sick and construction have overwhelmed the plan...maybe she will have a wee party later on? OR maybe she will wait till she is three...Then Nana might get to be there? I still have all the decoration!!!

We have a hurricane winter storm moving in, in about three hours or so. Dad and I will be stormed stayed tomorrow. Hey Corinna, remember 'White Juan" after hurricane "Juan" when Caleb was two? I got a hold of red cross for Joe, to take milk in for Caleb...WOW. They say this is to be a snow storm of 30+ cen...with winds up to 150mph.

I am shutting down my computer...batten down the hatches...holding on for dear life.

Will post with pictures and story late Monday or early Tuesday.

I am hoping to go to Lavina's home for Tue...Wed..Thur... weather permitting of course!

I am in Physiotherapyfor the leg...and it is going amazingly well.

Lovingly; Mother/Nana

Some Video from Super-Vacation

So I was talking with Joe the other night and he asked me if I could post some video. I haven't done this before..... so here's to hoping.

This footage is from Snorkeling off Ko Phi Phi in Thailand

Apparently I can only upload one video to a blog post

I'll try to do some more later, but have class now


Aunika's 1st Birthday

Hey everyone; Just a reminder that Aunika's Birthday party will be Saturday Feb. 28 at 3:00 to about 6 or 7 (depending on how Aunika feels)

Dan if you would Like to call everyone will be here to say Hello

See you all Then... Cheers

Friday, February 20, 2009

Stuck in Beijing

Yes, I did not allow myself enough time to get from one flight to another (didn't realize how big the Beijing airport is). This airport has numerous terminals with train and bus lines running between them. So I had to buy a new ticket and am stuck here until 8:30 in the morning. The only thing available early in the morning was Business class.... so that'll be different for me. It set me back an extra $140 but I just want to get home at this point.

Lucky for me I have some company (Vicky is with me as always). Tomorrow we will arrive home to our apartment which we just finished setting up before we left for our tour of South East Asia. I hope whoever reads this first enjoys gossiping... hahaha

I love you all and can't wait to see you this summer (can't wait to give you all your presents either, I have things from so many countries :)

Mom and Dad... I hope you will come out West so I can give you your presents in person.

Gotta go and get a bite to eat before everything in the airport closes for the night.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Hello from Bangkok

Just writing to say a quick hello. Bangkok is a great city (crazy though). I'll be sure to add some posts with stories and pics later just wanted to let everyone know that all is well.

Love Daniel

Monday, February 16, 2009

Hello Everyone

Hi greetings from Mom and Dad. Nice to see all the pictures, and I must say that Caleb's new eyes look rich! How handsome was his school photo?

Aunika is walking about 30% of the time now. She is very cautious...where does she get that?? Another thing is that Aunika has been going to potty. Today is her third day to do PeePees in her potty. She might just be the only creeping baby to potty by herself!?!

Hadassah said "snow today instead of Noos. She is loving doing puzzles, and is very smart at it too. We knew she would be a smarty girl anyway. Her hair is getting so very long...oh how it shines. She is having her two year old party this weekend. Hurray!

Scott-Isaac made his cub-car and is now ready to race it against the other cubs. His Ahsama's been acting up, and he has a bad cough right now. We sure hope you are feeling better soon Skee.

Joe (xoxo) is finishing up his second shift of work, then he has his two weeks off nice is that. Corinna is planning a trip home to PEI in April, to see her Mom, as you may know her mom is in a battle against cancer...we send our love to Karin. Hey Corinna...sure have LOVED you pictures on the blog! THANKS.

Haven't heard from Isaac this week, but i do know that he has bought his ticket to New Brunswick as did Becky and Scott-Issac...can't wait to see them all. Scott-Isaac is visiting his Nama....his Grampy....and Nana & Papa. He will be a busy lad this summer.

Roxann and he construction crew will be finishing the installation of her Hardwood floors this week. It is Marks and Scott's week off. Roxann had been caring for her special needs child a lot more this past two weeks. Hadassah had Nonni over for a visit yesterday.

Kris has been working three weeks straight...He and Heidi have bought their tickets last week. They are coming in May. I can not wait to see them all....especially Aunika who we have not seen since she was five months old! Kris has another week of work left before he is off. Then when he get his week off, Aunika has her birthday party!

Dad was in Fredericton today, and I battled a wicked Trojan in my computer. I down loaded a song off Lime wire and it was full of bugs...too bad for me. I am now using dads laptop. I will have to get mine fixed.

I never got to Auntie "L" to be waited on hand and foot...but I am still planning on doing so. I am waiting to her from physio-therapy to see what I need to do???

Auntie BeBe is compiling a list, of what her little Loggie will need while Dad and I care for him. We plan on caring for him here at Tozer house for a few days and then at Mactaquac for the remainder of the his "Mother's" absence.

I spoke to my darling sister in Newfoundland this week...all is well with the Phillips.

I have invited the Daycare over this week for a I have a valentine for them. Thursday will be fun...I am sure. I will tell them all about my cast coming off.

Daniel must now return to China and began his new semester of teaching. I am sure he will have lots of pictures for us when he gets back....send them on Dan...send them on!!!

I guess that about wraps up this last few weeks news....until later,

God Bless You All.

Lovingly As Ever, Mother