Saturday, May 30, 2009

Cute pictures of Nonni at Nana's

Which dolly looks like me????
Papa's is pouring water into Nonni's tub...and she tries
to catch the droplet...soo cute
These water pictures were taken by Heidi/Mommy
Walking down Tozer Avenue from Betty-Ann's...Heidi and Nonni
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Having a Blast at Nan's and papa's

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Apple Blossoms and Bumble-Bees

New Camera Pictures from Nana/Mom.... Macro Photo's

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Friday, May 29, 2009

Ready 4 school.

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Last week in Sexsmith

Thank Goodness its all gone now. (don't you just love a May blizzard?)
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The little fellow I do ABA therapy with is learning facial expressions. Although I have copied many from the web Skook and I thought we should throw some familliar faces into the mix!
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scribble fun

My mommy has been working. My daddy has been dressing me. Check out my pants!
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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Mommy and Me at the Playground.

Nonni goes......Weeeeeeee!!!
Spinning the puzzle
Playing in the rocks with Mommy
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Monday, May 18, 2009

Crows Attack I shoot him.

Do not why the Crows were attacking him...????
Eagle looks up...See the Crow at the top of tree?
Look out...TO THE LEFT.
The eagle finall gives up and leave.... I shoot the take-off
Scroll down to see lift off!!!
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Shot an Eagle Today

The crows chased him out of this tree.

I used my 200mm zoom lens...He was REALLY high up there
He soars toward the Miramichi river
Here he is before the crows gang up on him!
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Monday, May 11, 2009

OOOOO, Bunny

Dassi tames the "SAVAGE" beast
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Sunday, May 10, 2009

Bartholomew Joseph

A Poem for a Poet...Bartholomew Joseph
How he look so deep into my heart
and found the place, where he is always a part.
It wonderful to see that he knows his special place
and the love I feel, when I view his dear face.
Some people think five kids are to many
But the love I got back was, Oh so plenty.
You darling son was my number three
And according to science, should never be.
Then they decided that you should not come
I decided to have you, Oh my blessed son.
We proved them wrong for you were just fine
And better then that, you were ALL mine.
Such a beautiful baby, such a hansom boy.
You brought me such love and gave me such joy.
Now here you are with a son of your own
A wife and a job...well you are all grown.
Never a day that I don't pray for you
That God will bless thee in all that thou do.
I love you so tender and your such a great dad
You brought such pleasure, you make my heart glad
To think if I listened to science and all their advice that day
I missed out on your life, your love , you sweetness, and your say.
I love your dear family, your wife and your son
As your dear mother I feel I have won.
If I had a vision when I was a teen
Of what I would have or what I might dream
If l had looked down thought the bannister of time
Saw my whole life in the flick of a dime.
I would take it whole hearted, with out one doubt
Just knowing you in it, would me me shout
Shout with the joy of a mother's dear heart.
I glad darling Bartholomew that you are a part
Part of this family, part of my life,
you and you child, and you with your wife.
Kisses and hugs and poem for you now
before I turn into to really old cow.
Old and crazy and ranting and rave
But I will have you my own darling slave!!!
Lovingly Mother xxoxoxoxox


Thank you Joe that was a most blessed and wonderful poem. I read it with tears and of course...Joe being Joe, I read it also with laughter...especially the part when I get really old and don't make any sense!!!! I love you too Joe.

Yes Daniel we left early for service today and had a Mothers day breakfast out. We attended church at Brother George and Sister Wendy's house. Arrive home at supper-time. I will be waiting for your call tomorrow.

I had a phone message from Dan. Isaac and Corinna and Kristopher...that was soooo sweet. I tried to call Isaac back and I am about to call Corinna in a few minutes, and have already talked to Kris..

Heidi and Nonni are here to celebrate with me....NICE!!!!

I haven't heard from the Flewwellings yet...I am sure I will soon.

I must tell you children...mine that I birthed and those that I have acquired....I am so proud to be your MOTHER!

God Bless you all...thank you for the loving wishes on mother-Day.... xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox

Dear Mom,
On this very special day, I’d like to extend regards your way.
First of all I’d like to say, I love you every single day!
Thank you for giving me life, that day must have been full of pain and strife.
Although I’m sure that not long after, your life was renewed with joy and laughter.
And long ago when I was just a child, you treated me tender, meek and mild.
Although I’m now sure you had days when you could have cried out in aggravation,
Instead you held me in anticipation,
Of a day when I would be so wise, as to remember the patience and love in your eyes.
And as I grew older and turned into a “know it all teen”, rarley ever were you mean.
Although I’m sure I had many of days, when you could have shown me the fally of my ways,
Instead you just loved me!
And now that I’ve grown up and moved far away, I know that you love me every single day.
I only have a few more things say, and that is when you turn old and grey,
I’ll still love you !
And if someday your eyes can no longer see my face, I will love you with all my grace.
Even when you get so old that you don’t make sense, I will still love you from that day hence.
And some day when you leave this earth, I will remember that you gave me birth,
And I will still love you!

With love forever,
Your baby boy.

Happy Mothers Day

Well, it's 8:30 in the morning (in the Miramich) and Mom's not home. I will assume that you and Heidi are out celebrating being such wonderful mothers. I just got back from a weekend trip to Qing Dao... little less than an hours flight from here. I had a great weekend there (I'll post some pics later). I just wanted to tell you that I love you Mom. You're such a great Mom. I wish I could take you out for breakfast today. I would also like to extend a very special mothers day to Heidi, Roxi and Corinna whom are all fantastic mothers.

You are all appreciated so much

I love you


Saturday, May 9, 2009

Heidi Trys out Moms new camera!!!

Aunika finds abandoned Dolly.
Mommy takes Nonni's picture......Nonni Flower
Nooni and Nana Play....Bump-heads!!
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