Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Some sweet moments

This is the view from 9 mile pond..Bro Eds

Reminding pastor Guy that he IS a Newfie!

He says I am sooo smart...I am not sure what he is???
Special effect phot of me on the dock at our camp.
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My fish this week...Caught at Bob Pond

On the Mountian of 9 mile pond...me, Nan, Paw, Br Ed
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Wow that was good news and bad news...My Poor darling Caleb....moved away from his friends.....his only compatible cousin is 3000 miles away and then he breaks his wrist...again!

Golly gee!!! Nana will go buy him something really extra special here in Newfoundland...I think I know just the thing too...we were at the insectorium, they had special kinds of beatles encased in a special resin of plastic...made them into paperweights and keychins ect...I will buy him some really cool bugs! Just because he broke his bone!!1 LET HIM KNOW

Joe....wow a job so soon....sure am glad darling!. Tell my Queen I send her my love.
Most of the time we are out in the cabin without running water ...nor power.....nor phone service (of any kind)...but when we come to town for supplies we check our e mail and try to blog.

Take care Standrings...as best as ye can...

Lovingly Mother Standring/Nana Standring...xoxoxox

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Good news and bad news

Hello Mom and Dad,
Good news, my contracting company (Total Enerflex) found me another operating job with a small oil company (Arcan Resources Ltd.) located up in Manning, Alberta on the Chinchaga (that's a road) in the hamberg area (that's the area of the road). I'm getting the same rate of pay ($26/per hour), and I'm working the same schedule (2 week's on 2 weeks off). Its a small operation with only me and another guy looking after 5 oil wells, a battery (that's a first stage refinery plant), and a water injection facility plant (that pumps water into the formation to increase oil recovery). That's my good news, cool ahh?
The bad news is that yesterday Caleb fell off Roxi's trampoline and landed on his head busting his eye brow open which required tape stitch's, even worse he landed on his wrist and it has a hair line fracture that will be casted tomorrow. He would have got it casted today but the doctor missed it and Corinna got a call from the radiologist latter in the day letting her know that they had missed it, and to come in the following day for his cast. Poor Caleb having a lonely summer that just got a little worse!!!
Well that's all for now, I can see from your pictures that you're having a great time, I wish my family and I could be there too.
Love Joe.

My Bed at the Cabin

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The view from the cabin...in the morning

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More Cabin Fun

Trio on a Quad
Looking down the Valley together
My Binky...waaawaaa need mommy
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A The Cabin...swimming...swimming...swimming!

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Hello Magan Dawn Power....Welcome back to NB...maybe I will get to see you...right now I am in newfoundland...and living off the grid...so every once in a while I get to a computer!!!

Hi lavina....Hi Stan......Nice picture of your darling neice Vina.....xoxoxoxJudith Ann

Fun at the Cabin!!!

Fishing at sunset
Gone exploring with pawpa
At Killick Island
Diving odd the old dock!

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Dr Doolittle in the wild!!!

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Friday, July 17, 2009

A quick hello

Just wanted to send out a quick hello from Kelowna. The weather is hot and the workload heavy. It's great. It's so nice to have access to the blog again (after the Chinese government declared "Mother Standring" a security risk and blocked her blog from the whole country. Joe I love the pics from your yard. It looks great... And Calebs hair looks fantastic!!!!! Don't let anyone cut it.... It's way too AWESOME!!!!

Love you all. Will post some fun stuff soon. Don't forget to drop me a line as soon as you can if you're planning to visit (I have rented a 2 bedroom apartment for you all)



Thursday, July 16, 2009

Here We Go!

The Boat
The Boat Leaves Port...Skee Loved The Whirl pools
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