Sunday, August 23, 2009

Miramichi at sunset after the storm.

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Back in the PRC

Hey all. We've made it back. It took me a little while, but I finally figured out how to get around the Great Fire Wall this morning. China has now completely blocked Facebook, Youtube, Blogger and many other great social networking sights. Anywho, I've managed to set Vicky and myself up with a virtual proxy network... so we should be able to access anything you guys can (I hope).

I love the pics of Skee making Mom and Dad their anniversary dinner!

Me and V have settle back into our old apartment and it feels like home.

Every now and then I think about how much work I have to do in the upcoming year and get a little anxious, but most of the time it feel like it'll be OK... just really busy/full.

Some pics from the Waye's visit to Kelowna

Getting Our Money worth..out of the grandson!

Pap's Wood Pile.... Skee works daily at it!

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Docotor DooLittle Strikes Again.

Murdocks farm... Napan

Looking at Scott-Isaac.....
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Skee's Joke of the day...He calls...

Over here you 'Jack Ass"....
And of course the Jack Ass comes!

These Jack Asses were at Murdock Farm in Napan
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Strange sights!!!

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Bay de check out the wind!

Always up for an adventure, Skee wanted to feel some
of the hurricane wind from Hurricne Bill
I took him to Bay de Vin this afternoon (Sunday Aug 23)
He was amazed as he tried to walk the rocks
Gus of 100 K were blowing
He finally wanted to get back in the car
We went to the point in Esuminac..I did not get any pictures
as the wave were of 20ft splashing over the sea wall
and I was afriad of getting the camera wet
But Skee went crazy as the waves washed over the rocks
and the wall and soaked us...He finally saw a hurricane....the outer edge, anyway!
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Miramichi's Heat Wave....Skee's Solution

Gordon Wharf down from Shirleys

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Our Anniversary Gift From Skee

Scott Isaac cooks us a meal on our Anniversary
Here he is making a soup...Cream a la Chicken

In the Oven he has prepared(by Himself) a salmon
and His Famous dish...Pasta Bake.

After he was done cooking he served us. His serious face is
because he wanted to maintain the position of a Butler...
They do not smil he informed us!

He allowed only one picture of the three of us...
he needed to get one with his job of serving us!
It turned out to be way above our expectations
And is a night we will remember for years to come.

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The End Result

Our Pasta Bake...Chef Skee
From the eye veiw of the Butler
Anniversary Couple...Fine Dinning
Seating his Beloved
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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Hello from Narita Japan

Me, V and Tigree back in China (Last June)

Wow! I hardly looked at the blog all summer. I just went on to send the fam a post and got caught up in all of the beautiful pictures. The Simpson yard is spectacular. I love all the pics of Skee in NFLD.

I had a great visit with Heidi, Aunika and Kris. Aunika is so sweet, I'm glad I got a chance to see her this year. Kids change so fast at that age. The Waye's have all of your gifts from my travel. I hope you all like what I got you.

I am just getting ready to leave my hotel in Narita for the final leg of my journey back to my home in China.

It was a crazy busy summer, and it looks like my upcoming year will be super busy as well. Aside from my classes, I have also began work on my Thesis/Project on the development of the brain and how education can affect that. Essentially, I'm looking to find what methods of teaching encourage the greatest neurological growth/connections.

I will not be able to travel as much as I did last year, but Vicky and I are planning on spending 2-3 weeks touring Egypt... So that will be sweet.

Mom, keep the fall pics coming. I always miss NB in the fall.

I've got to run now. Time to get to the airport.

Love, love, love is the key