Saturday, October 31, 2009


I would like to be the first one to welcom Copper and Penny to the family. Buddi and Dino can't wait to sniff your butts. And we human Standrings being suckers can't wait to give you a milk bone. WELCOME STANDRING K9s... (Loggie: check 'em out for us...tee hee

Friday, October 30, 2009

Also there is a new youtube video up of Aunika

Washing Dishes

From washing dishes

to bathing with them Rinsing

And some friends to help finish the job

Monday, October 26, 2009

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Heidi and her Darling Baby Girl!

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The Autumn Rose of Grande Prairie

Oh Nanny Bebe and Great Auntie Sharrell
What do you think of my new fall LOOK!!

Taken at the harvest of hay
next door .

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Hello Family....both near and far...xoxoxo

On Friday Isaac and I took many back roads of Alberta Grande Prairie just to see what we could find for a Photo shoot...It was tons of fun...Isaac burned his gas, while I burned my batteries in my DSLR Pentax camera.

Isaac and I never run out of things to photo. We spent the whole afternoon together....and for your enjoyment here are just a few of what we found....Prairie Skies...when a storm is brewing are will see a few photos of just that...the sky. One was taken my me, the other taken by Isaac..(he has the Photographers gift also)...we saw geese flying south....hawks....bison...cattle.......plowed fields....interesting shed & fact we could have spent days and days gathering photos and never run out of things!

ENJOY....Mother*(Nana) Standring

Isaac and Mother's big Photo Shoot!

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Photo Shoot Friday, October 16 2009

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Photo Shoot In Grande Priarie...

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Photo Shoot Friday With Isaac...From Mother

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