Saturday, January 30, 2010

Daniel and Vickie

Thank you very much for the pictures of late....I enjoy them so very much. So by the time you get to read the blog you will no doubt be in Egypt...IMAGINE THAT! I am excited for you both.

I know Daniel that you asked mother what she might like from Egypt...and after doing a bit of research I am to understand that the Egyptians are world renown for there exquisite glass wear....such as perfume is not necessarily the perfume itself and I am to understand that one can buy just the bottles....their fame for such glass wear is find me a extra-nice glass wear bottle...I know that glass can be difficult to make it a small piece so that it will be easier to protect. It can be antique if you wish. Just whatever.

I am glad that you and Vicky finally received you Xmas gifts! You sounded please..that was nice to hear! I am missing you a bunch...still hoping Dad and I might make a trip to China to see all that you have done. Was sweet to see that Andre named his little boy after you. I am sure we will see you this summer cause both Dad and I plan to be out west here in late summer.

I am very busy helping darling Heidi.....she is a wonderful mother....makes my heart so pleased.

Thrilled for Corinna and Joe...a new little baby!!1 After nine years!! They are so am I.

Isaac and Becky are doing great. Although it has been a bit of a hard year for Becky as her Daddy is quite sick. She get so lonesome for home....think they might head back east in the next year or so. Becky is a lovely girl and she suits Issac to a Tee! I got to spend some time with them this month.

Mark is thinking about a new job and Roxi is very busy. She is running her Cub group . Still doing respite work for two kiddies, and now has taken on a job for the Autism Family rep for government....Dassi is growing into such a little girl....she really loves her Nana. I wish you could see her Dan. Ahh well I am sure this summer will bring you the honour of meeting both little ladies...oh I mean all three little Aunika will have her little sister by then!

I trust you and Daddy and DeeDee and Lavina and BeBe will enjoy the pics of the January babies....I am soon going to post some pics of Heidi and Kris's new home.

May Egypt treat you kindly...and much love to Dad..xoxoxoxox

As ever, and God Bless, Mother

Where Have these Two Years Gone!!!

Hello Family...especially Papa and Uncle Dan!

Aunika...our youngest grandbaby has turned two...WOW! She is very proud too be two!

We had a small family gathering this weekend to celebrate. Uncle Joe and Aunt Corinna had colds and did not we missed cousin Caleb too...Cousin Skee was at the party, but his tummy hurt and we did not get any pics of him.

Aunika felt very special and loved having everyone at her brand new house. They say a picture is worth a thousand Nana Standring has inclued many picture for your viewing pleasure....on that more time....


Presents for a Princess

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Famiy and Decorations

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Friday, January 29, 2010

Up, up and away

Hi everyone. My driver is scheduled to pick up Vicky and me in about 5 min. We are of to Dubai for 1 day and then on to Egypt for a 21 day tour. I will check the Blog and post whenever I can, though as usual I don't know how often that will be. I love you all dearly.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Our January Babies....................................Hadassah age 3...................Aunika age 2

The Two Little Girls
January 2010
Age two and three!!

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Dassi Birthday Party!! I am 3...WOW

Nana's Girl....The big birthday cake!
The Birthday hat and banner....all was sooo special.

Opening the presents....from everyone!
Dr. Hadassah trys to convince her patient, Aunika
to take some meds...but Nonni is not impressed! Precious!!!
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Aunika is Two Today!!! Hurray!!!

Aunika will have a party this weekend...but today her
mommy and her Nana celebrated with her
as she turned two years old.
The candle was a HUGE we lite it over and over...
Thenshe would huff and puff and blow it straight out!
She and her new teddy bear are very proud and happy
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Sunday, January 24, 2010


Vicky and I have year round memberships to the local amusement park. It's fun to unwind with a gravity drop or a roller-coaster ride in the middle of the week. Last time Vicky and I went to the park was just before helloween (it's closed for the winter now... tooo cold). Here's a pic of me right before the coaster locks us in (Front seat WHOOOOHHOOOO). And one of V lovin' the pumpkins. I also tried to capture the experience with a video of our two faves... The upsidedown roller-coaster and the death drop.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Jin Shi Tan

These picture are all from the outskirts of my hometown here in China. From my home to this community is about a 15-20 walk.

Goats provide milk throughout their lives, and as they move into old age become delicious dumplings ;)

Older homes are made of stone and mortar.

Newer homes are made from concrete. These ones were likely built after the cultural revolution.

The locals here are excited at the chance to show a foreigner some hospitality.

Though the homes here look ratty, their occupants are clothed and fed. I was surprised to find that every single one has a television and cable T.V.

This little boy drags his favorite toy behind him wherever he goes. It is a broken black grate tied to a long piece of black plastic covered wire. The girls who accompany him are sure to tell people not to touch it as he is very protective.

Though these girls are likely his cousins, he calls them sister. A common thing in China. Boy cousins are usually referred to as 'brother' and girl cousins are 'sisters'.

As farmland is purchased from the locals who live there, the Chinese government demolishes their homes to ensure squatters do not move in. Once all of the local farms are bought out, development moves in. Of course there is no need to waste the resources it would take to demolish them completely, so they are only demolished to the point of being "unlivable" and then left until the space can be properly developed by a private investor.

A local man comes to the town well to draw some fresh water. He tells me that all are welcome to this water including me.

Now with water in hand he must carry it home.

Jin Shi Tan, directly translated to Golden Pebble Beach, is the town in which I live. Only a decade ago this town was almost entirely a fishing and farming community. Fishing is still huge here. Farming does not play as big a role as it once did here, but during key growing seasons much of the food we eat is still grown right here in town. There is an amazingly stark contrast when one looks at the outskirts of Jin Shi Tan and the town center filled with high-rise apartment buildings. I spent some time in the farming community recently, there are NO white people to be found in this area, and the locals were eager to show how friendly they can be. I stopped into the local grocer and bought a beer. I stopped into a couple of farm houses as well. I imagine that within my lifetime this way of life will have vanished from China. This farming community is slated to disappear in the next year in the name of progress. Of course one needs travel only another 15-20 minutes to find another small farming village of the same variety, but farming here in the north is being done more and more often using green houses to allow for year round food production. For now though these are the people from whom I buy my food.