Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Welcome Home Daniel and Vicky

Hi Daniel and Vicky

I'm trying my hand at Blogging so I can better respond to all my wonderful families diaries that are Blogged. I so enjoy the pictures from you and Vicky as well as the pics that Mommy posts. I have your pictures pinned up in the bedroom and on the fridge. I'm like you Dan, I'd like to see Etta and Hooty do more Blogging and pics on their experiences. So I'll give my update.
  1. This makes 12 weeks / 3 months living aaallllll alonnneeee with nooo wiffffeeeee. Poor me. Don't LOL.
  2. I was in Quebec City for the week of February 7-12 attending the World Road Congress. There was a lot of countries represented at the congress. Had the opportunity to walk around the old city and enjoy the sites. Some good and some not so good. Bought Mommy a new hat for Lover Day
  3. So now, I'm just working day to day at the office, getting ready for the construction training season

I'm now planning to take a big piece of the summer off, probably June, July and August probably to mid September. Planning on getting a new dog, maybe a golden doodle or a labra doodle ... something Mommy can live with. Might even buy a new truck this spring.

I've haven't any pics so this is all for now. May my God bless you all.

Wowie Zowie

My dear world romping Bro. WOW. I am so excited for you, and a little (BIG TIME) jelouse! The photos were amazing, much better then National Geographic, 'cause you and Vic are in them. How was the heat? And the medical treatment? Too bad you didn't get a witch doctor with some sweet herbs! I can't wait to see you in the summer (I thought you wern't comming home) Dassi is a wild little wirlwind with high highs and low lows. She has a crazy good memory (like her brother) and is so musical! Skookum will be 11 this summer (I'm so old!) he is the youngest member of ORFF (the school percussion band) and will be competing this spring to defend their 3yr first place honner in the Jr.high band devision of the Peace Country musical festival!!!!! I will post pics!

I love you soooo much, and miss you like crazy. xoxoxoxo yer sissy Roxi

Home sweet Home

Hello Son....Imagine from Chicken to lowgrade hotdogs. I am so glad you made it home in time for classes. I am delighted your bought me a one of a kind glass bottle. I KNOW I shall love it. Not just becaise it is from Egypt....Not just because it was hand blown....but especially because it is from you and that youput that much time and thought and tender caring into brng me such a treasure from your travels.

I so love you and miss you....have been trying to get the sibling to drop you a line...Roxi said she would be doing so right away, so I am sure she will posting.

Will send more pictures soon......until then.....Lovingly Mother...xoxoxoxo

Sunday, February 21, 2010


Vicky and I are home; safe, sound, and exhausted. We did make our connecting flight (barely). We'll grab about 7 hours before we need to get up and tackle the new work day... not too bad really.

Good night

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Stuck in Dubai

I am presently standing at a computer terminal that is offered free to those in the Dubai airport. This is the only airport in the world that I know of that does this. Our airline from Dubai to Egypt, and Egypt to Dubai was Air Emirates. Last year they won an award for the best food served on an airline in the world... and for good reason, the chicken in light mustard sauce with roasted vegetables was the tenderest most succulent peice of chicken I can remember having. The Lamb Kofta I had with them on the way to Egypt was also delscious... From Dubai to China we fly China Southern. They serve B grade hotdogs for EVERY meal uuggghhh. They are the worst airline I have ever flown. Our plane here has been delayed for 2 hours... Unfortunately, we have only a 2 hour layover in Goungzhou before our flight leaves for Dalian. Hopefully that flight is late as well, or Vicky and I might end up late for work :(

Vicky is sleeping in a recliner in the quiet area of the airport right now.

Dassah, keep up the piano practice, Uncle Dan looks foward to hearing you play this summer.

Aunica, congratulations on your new home, I do hope you love it.

Mom, I got you your blown glass perfume bottle (way back in Aswan actually, I hope you like it, it's hand made and one of a kind)

Joe, though I tried, I was unable to find you a pair of Egyptian cotten shorts. Though a few shop keepers claimed their stuff was 100% Egyptian cotton, it was indestinguishable from your run of the mill T-shirt at wal-mart. I was informed by our tour leader that finding Egyptian cotten in Egypt is almost impossible as it is extreamly expensive and is mostly bound for export. Maybe I can get you something from China... Sorry bro.

Girls, You are all looking great at your Pegan love dinner, I can't wait to see you all.

Isaac, Mark, Dad aand Kris, if there is anything you would like from China you should let me know ASAP.

I got a few small things from Egypt for the Neices and Nephews, but was really limited on luggage space this trip and didn't get you guys anything. Same goes for you girls (sisters, in-laws and out-laws and aunties), if you can think of anything that wouldn't take too much space, let me know. I'll do my best.


Thursday, February 18, 2010


Hi Guys.....
What a trip....what a story to one day tell your children about!
I am so glad that Vicky made you walk the 15ft to the Doctor! Way to go Vick!!! I was sorry Daniel that you did not get to climb the mountian....next time perhaps.

Roxi, Joe, Heidi and I have ALL been following your blog....Joe was over last week and took his time after dinner reading it. Heidi and I often read it together and we LOVE sharing it. Roxi often calls me to share her views. Having told you all that I do trust that they will find time to drop you a note.

Dad was trying to blog today and called to see why he was having troubles....I still see nothing from him...so something must have continued to go wrong.

I have some family picture I am going to post tonight...so by the time you get home to China I hope you get to see them.

Have a great flight home...stay well darling so mother will not be to worried. Who knew that you would ever live till thirty and then go globe-trotting...so I guess a fever or allergy reaction here and there is not soooo bad!!! Especially after all you were through as a little guy.

I love you very dearly son, claim you for HIS kingdom, as promised to Dad and I. You are ever in our hearts. While talking to dad to day we both went to the blog, looked at the pics together...then Dad said to me..."He is such a great boy, sure wish I could give him a great big hug right now!!" Aint dat sweet!

Blessing to your and your darling....xoxoxoxoxox
Mother Standring.

How to Read

As always, my travel posts should be read from the furthest post down to the one at the top if you would like to follow what I have done chronoligically. Each post is of course still meant to be read top to bottom.

Shalom (Peace be with you)

Near the End of an Adventure

Tomorrow morning Vicky and I will take a bus back to Cairo where we will stay for the night, before flying back to China via Dubai.

There are far too many things that I did not get pictures of while I was here. Some because cameras were not allowed, some because I was simply to distracted to bother with the camera, and some because I was too deep under water.

While here in Duhab, Vicky and I did some of the most spectacular dives we have yet to experience. Two of our four dives were exceptional. One dive was into an underwater canyon that is completely covered with coral and teaming with life. The other was the blue hole. The descent we took is known as El Bells. It is a crack in the sea floor big enough only for a single diver to fit. It falls vertically for over 100ft. As you drop to the ocean floor, you are surrounded by colorful coral and fish, there is also an undisturbed view into the great blue (Red) Sea. After descending to the bottom of El Bells we swam for about 40min along a vertical wall of coral, for which no bottom is visible. There is a spot where you are eventuall able to swim up and over the wall into the blue hole where the Coral descends as a cylinder for hundreds of meters into an invisible blue bottom. AMAZING!!!

El Bells (Copied from google images)

The Blue Hole (Copied from google images)

The Canyon (Copied from google images)

My plans to climb Mount Sinai last night were Kie Boshed by a sudden fever. It was no big deal. The doctor loded me up with drugs to ensure I was good to fly home. I would have preferred to just lay in bed, but Vicky called the doctor and made me go to the clinic, which was only 15ft away :( Today I have been resting all day. Besides feeling a little tired, I now feel fine.

To my siblings, I would love to hear a little something from you all now and then. Even if you don't have anything of your own you want to post, it'd be nice to hear what you think of my stuff, or even just to get a hello. I am after all separated by thousands of miles and gaps of years. I don't think anyone other than Mom has responded to a post of mine in over a year. I know you're all busy, but I'd love to hear you thoughts whenever you can find the time.

I love and miss you all very much (today even more than most as I have had time to just lay and dream about how fun it would be to scuba dive or travel strange places with each of you).