Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Happy Birthday Naomi

Happy Birthday Baby Girl

LOVE Mommy Daddy and Big Sissy Aunika

Our Sweet Granddaughter, Naomi

As the sun raises today....

Happy Birthday to you

Happy Birthday to you

Happy Birthday Darling Naomi

Happy Birthday to you

May the Good Lord Bless You

May the Good Lord Bless You

May the Good Lord Bless, Naomi

May the Good Lord Bles Yooooooo!!!!!

Nana and Papa Love You Baby Girl.

Kisses and Hugs From Us

PS>I am sorry not to post some darling infant photos of her...but my computer is away for repairs,,,thus my libuary is also gone. I am posting this using Dads computer.

Naomi Birthday is Tomorrow!

Naomi's birth was one of the most incredible moments in my life. I saw first hand what it would be like to birth your baby at home without the buzz of monitors, IV's, nurses, Doctors, making command. I saw what it was like for a baby not to have any intervention, no suctions, now rub downs, no needles. It was indeed a sight to see her come to life on her own, laying on her mother breast, in a warm pool of water. Music softly playing, lights dim, and no one speaking a word. Naomi went from white to purple to a rosie pink. Then wrapped in a soft blanket and lifted out of the pool by Nana, handed to her Daddy( he was helping mommy out), she beginning nursing just as though she always had. A full moon was peeking in the bedroom window. it was just as though we had order it that way. It was peaceful and loving and something until that moment in time, I had not known that I had missed this amazing way to bring a child into the world! Of course we realize that many a doctors have saved babies and mommies too. I now know for a fact that they also add a lot of unnecessary tactics..just because.....they do. Each grandchild have brought me a blessing from their birth, and a few months after Naomi's birth Nana witnessed our darling new grandson Piercen...and the only baby I did not have the privilege of being present for their grand entrance was Nana was terrible sick. But hey, I figure that she and I got to make that up when I had to care for her and her mommy for 5 month leading up to Naomi's Birth. So tomorrow I will write our Birthday greetings to our Baby Naomi, on the completions of her first year. Nana has missed you all so very terrible...I am trying to sell our home...if not I would be out their right now. I would love to be part of her celebration...I think I will have a little girls party when I come....too make up for the missed parties.....lets see...ummm...Hadassah, Aunika and Naomi...and wellllll... I will be their for baby Piercen first Bday. Oh I feel so cheered at the thought of having parties and holding you ALL. God Bless....Until tomorrow Naomi.......(SMILE)!!!

Too Much Snow!

Even though Daddy worked hard last week to remove the build up of snow and ice on the roof it still managed to cause us some grief. We had a leak...What's a Canadian too do?!

I Just want it (snow and my cold) to GO!

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Naomi Birthday Party

Naomi's Birthday Party

Decorations will be left up for the next few weeks and there is cake left over. Please come and celebrate with us when your ready. and Youtube Naomi: 1st Bday there are 3 parts there so far.


Friday, March 25, 2011

Judith, that poem is so very beautiful Love it.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

God is so Good to me.

I've never made a fortune
and it's probably too late now
But I don't worry about that much
I'm happy anyhow
and as I go along life's way
I'm reaping better than I sow
I'm drinking from my saucer
'cause my cup has overflowed

Haven't got a lot of riches
and sometimes the going's tough
But I've got loving ones around me
and that makes me rich enough
I thank God for his blessings
and the mercies He's bestowed
I'm drinking from my saucer
'cause my cup has overflowed

O, Remember times when things went wrong
my faith wore somewhat thin
But all at once the dark clouds broke
and sun peeped through again
So Lord, help me not to gripe
about the tough rows that I've hoed
I'm drinking from my saucer
'cause my cup has overflowed

If God gives me strength and courage
when the way grows steep and rough
I'll not ask for other blessings
I'm already blessed enough
And may I never be too busy
to help others bear their loads
Then I'll keep drinking from my saucer
'cause my cup has overflowed


Saturday, March 19, 2011

This Beautiful Bald Eagle landed in our back yard to enjoy his dinner.

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Thursday, March 17, 2011

SPRING!!! The Birds Return

Today we had these little sparrows(?) arrive in a drove. This was the first fly in...that I took these photos from the sliding glass doors. But minutes later this group seemed to triple. I dicided to try to get the photo from a side door, but Grammy Phillips was so excitied that she ran outside with more bird-seed. Before I could get the angled shot, they took flight and left. I had hoped they might just wait her out.

It was soon ovious that they were on a journey and not looking for a perminit feeding place. Oh well, whats a photographer to do.

Does anyone know what our little feathered friend was...or is? I looked in a small bird book that I have here at Auntie DeeDee's...could not find them at all.

It is a sign of spring....when we see birds fly in, by the hundreds.

I will be home on Tuesday....I would be thrilled if these guys fly across the ocean and land kin Miramichi NB...12 Tozer Ave to be exact.

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Trying Out Some New Tecniques

I went back to this brook today
armed with my telescopic lens and
a diffent setting on my camera:

Here are my results.

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Monday, March 7, 2011

From China???

Oh my Goodness...Dassi really is a chinese child!!!!


A few more shots

Don't forget to click on pics to make them bigger.

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For Papa...Our Littest Two Babies

Naomi at 11 months....Piercen at 7 months
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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

WOW! I LOVE the Arizona pics! I have always wanted to visit that area...just amazing!
Well done, they leave me wanting more... I'm sure you can supply...