Monday, December 1, 2014

The Big Christmas Party Is Coming Soon.... December 20th Saturday

Hello All My Beloves:

Daniel has once again volunteered to host another Family party, the Christams Party at Saint Mary's School.  The date will be on December 20, Saturday with our supper from 3 to 7pm.  Arriving at 3pm to set up the tables and reheat the food will move us into 4pm for eating.
Daniel says that we all have done such a great job of cleaning and putting away the schools property that it makes it easy for him to do so.  There are four ovens in the kitchen....and all the pots and pans and bowls we need to cook and serve are there.  This makes it so ideal for all our prep.  The school can be opened earlier if you want to do you baking/cooking there also.  I will be cooking the turkeys, dressing, potatoes, and gravy there through out the day...feel free to join me.

I need each family to make sweet....or buy one, whichever works, also need each family to let me know what part of the meal they will contribute to. Any extended family is alway welcomed too....Please also let me know what they are bringing. Maybe just forward them this e mail.  

I am willing to do the turkey and dressing and potato dish, and will make bring a sweet

We will have a talent show following our supper.  If your child wants to go on stage to do something, please let Nana know.  I also have a beautiful slideshow of all the kiddies from our 2014 calendar year...It should be very fun and enjoyable...we will also show this in the gym.

All families are invited to bring one or two pie crust and we will make potato/meat pies for warm ups for the days after the party.

Nana and Papa will be giving out our Xmas presents to all the grand kiddies, and a few small but yummy take home gifts to our families.
All Aunts and Uncles are welcome to bring your presents for the cousins too. If you have a few decorations to add to our room that would be so lovely too.

I will need each family to let me know THIS WEEK what they want to prepare so I can put our whole menu together:

Our menu need to include

Appetizers....Volunteered by Vicky......(alway a crowd pleaser!....yummy)

Second Meat, like, Roast, ham, meatballs or other....(other then turkey)...Mom has turkey covered

dressing and gravy...covered by Mom

two  special veggie dishes ....cooked or salad...or platter trays all work too...(smile)

Dutchese Potatoes By Mom

Drinks &Coffee & Cream & Sugar

Desserts from Heidi, Corinna, Vicky, Mom, as you can see with a variety we only need to make a moderate amount each, because all together it will be plenty.

Plates and napkins and such.

Auntie Roxi's dessert will be hosting a Ice-cream bar ...for the young and young at heart.

Thank you my darlings....I await your reply.

Your very loving Mom, whom loves you all.....xoxoxox