Saturday, January 31, 2015

Agriculture Of Mexico in Todos Santos. Landscapes and Cattle. Homes on the Hills

I cannot really explain why, but to me there was such an amazing beauty in seeing man and animal working the land together.  Only noise was that of the farmer making soft clicking sound of encouragement to the mule.  I watched them and filmed for a wee while.


The results are so beautiful looking.  Such a difference from the BIG machines that plant and do the fields on the farm.

I thought this cow was such a lovely and different colour

On the road side between Todos and La Pazs

 I think you can build on anything anywhere in this desert.

 Simplicity....even in the business world are the mountains that we are going to explore on the first of the week

We will take a road right down in between these two mountains.  It is an old highway no longer used
hopefully we can in a fair ways.  Keep posted for the pics...  

Storm At Sea. Night Photos, Week 2 Day 5 Taken from my top deck at 2:30 pm.

When the lightening work me, and I saw the storm, I grab my
camera and off I went.... Not sure if these photo do justice but
at least you get an idea.

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Week Two...Day "3" Photo of ... "Town in a Dessert" ..... "My Widow in the Morning" ...

At the outskirts of Todos Santos there is a dirt road that goes up a hill...It was a great place to take a picture of this little dessert town!

Som Cactuses are very large...we decided 
to do a few photos with cats and the shrubby trees
which I might add...I really like the trees.

This is a vulture...he joined the seagulls and Pulicans at the 
beach today.

This Pelican was posing on this boat, 
just for me, I believe....He looks like a post card!

I added the next few pictures because I was getting a real charge
out of the little seagull following the big pelican
as though they were real close buddies.

 They stayed together...was comical to watch.

This is proof that Dad missed this sunrise!!!

I woke up. sat up in bed, looking out the window across the room 
and saw this looking back at me
 Then Jumped out of bed, and turned to take a picture of the window
 at the head of the bed
and yes that is Dad all curled up under the covers

 So I paddled outside and this is from our bottom deck, second story of our Casta.