Wednesday, December 30, 2015

FAMILY BOND FIRE: When NewYears Day: Where: Nana & Papa's

Hello Family:
Papa has been working hard, and he has built a pile of bush 10 to 12 feet high:
Lets Light It Together!
Roast some dogs, have hot chocolate, go sliding.....

What to bring:  Ski pants, warm clothes, anything to slide on!

See You All On Friday!

Sunday, December 20, 2015

Santa Clause Came To Our Dinner Party!

Aunika Judith Ann

Solomon Loves Santa

Look At that delighted face!!  Our Piercen

Aww she was so pleased to see Santa.  Dassi and her new pony.

Solomon needed another hug....Solly LOVES this guy!!!  too cute

Can you find a sweeter grin then this one!!!  Our beautiful Naomi.

He was so shy that he walked backwards to get to Santa...Oh boy was he pleased to be on that knee too!   Achilles Daniel

He is the GRANDBABY of the not call him a baby!  He surprised everyone by running over and having a wee visit with Santa too!   Silas Ben

This Santa is extra special to me....He is my number one grandson...xoxox Love you Scott-Isaac

There is no way this big kid has been good...Look at Santas face...he KNOWS!!  Hohoho
Caleb Seth..xoxox

Awww..Auntie Heidi  needed to give a Santa her hug and love!

Eating his Santa treat

Watching Santa leave...bye bye

Eating the treats from Santa Clause

Yummy Yummy....Piercen

The Standring Family Christmas Party: 2015

Daniel and Vicky were sick, sick, sick, and not able to come at all (boohoo)....soooo Joe and Corinna ended up hosting  the BIG family party!  What a great night was had but all!