Sunday, January 31, 2016

Friday Night.........Saturday Drive "Valley of the Giant Cactus"........Sunday "Special Meal"

Next weekend is the Mardi Gras
So I think this guy (the one n the right )
is waiting!!

Night life on the Ocean Front Street
Papa enjoying a rare evening coffee.

So.....Let me explain.

Out into the darkness, one could see the 
white seagulls swooping, and dancing over the
water.  It absolute looking enchanting, magical,
and I could have sat for hours 
captured by their movements.

I tried to video....not enough light....they were way 
to far out for a flash to make any difference.
I open the capture as much light as
I could...but of course they flew so fast
all I captured was this....but I kind of think
you might get a since of what I saw????

What a beautiful drive south to us.
We went to see the "Valley of the Giants"
Photographer from all over the world consider this
a worth while place....however we had a few
problems.  One was that it cost $20 to cross the gates...
not that we could not do pay that, but once through the gates,
you needed a ATV or dirt bike to get down into
the Valley.  We tried walking across some of the dessert 
but you will see from the just cannot 
trek through those spiked thorns....if your sole
is too pokes through....if it is too thick
they just keep gathering on the bottom until your walking
on a hump of them....only way to get them off is to scrap
with a rock.  So this was the best we could do!

Papa and Nana go here every day and get a fruit treat..either
a smoothie, or fruit salad, of a veggie cocktail ...YumYum

Here we are was everything the you tube
video said it was...and MORE!

Live Oysters...Brave Papa .......And soup (forgot soup pic)

I walked into the restaurant with my Tilly hat tied in a Canadian flag
strapped and when the Head Man saw that we were Canadian
he told us about a dream he had that he would be going
to Canada....and now he was off to study in Vancouver
in March.  He told us a great story about how 
his Daddy had an accident while 
in Canada many years ago
and this woman showed him
great kindness,  and took him under her wing
until he was well enough to return
home...her name was Alberta, and she
was from Alberta...So his daddy told Alberta
that his wife was pageant ...if she had a girl
he would name the baby after her...and if it was a boy
he would call the boy "Alberto"
So Mr Alberto became our 'Special" waiter

He made us feel like guest of Honour!
Was too funny....That was how we ended up with such a great
feasting experience we had!

When we told Alberto that we saw a 
special you tube video of his establishment...(
asked us to let him make us a special platter for two....WE SAID YES!!

Here you have starting at the left...Coconut Shrimp.....
Shrimp Tacos stuffed with a cheese, shrimp and sauce.....
Stuffed peppers a sea food mix, with cheese......
Then more Tacos stuffed seafood.....Sea Bass coated in 
light herb season.  The two sauces are a butter Garlic,
 and a Chipoulta kind of berry sauce...sweet but not too sweet,...
and Jasmine rice with herbs and streamed vegetables.

I tried everything favourite..Coconut Shrimp...with the red sauce...
I have never in my life tasted two favours married together
that gave such burst of goodness in taste.  Papa let me have 
all the coconut shrimp...(sweet or what)

He enjoyed the stuffed Peppers the to the oysters.

We were so full we could not each eat a dessert, but our 
Friend Alberto, brought us this...What a presentation...
They say you eat with your eyes first...this was world
class dinning tonight

the total cost.....Less the $20 a piece.......YUMMMMMMMMMY

Friday, January 29, 2016

Thursday Week 1: Sitting on the sea shore:

Today we headed to the beach, it was a warmer day and the
water was calm, no strong winds.

We ordered ourselves colds smoothies
kick off our shoes, watched the bird show
and did nothing at all!!!
Ahhh such is our life.


                                                                        He was gathering oysters....

Where is he headed...and for whom shall he play???

FEEDING TIME!    Wheeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!