Friday, February 26, 2016

Last night we stayed at the CasaBlancha in Navada: The grounds we stunning.

Mexico Boarder Crossing

We waited for over one hour to 
cross into the USA, and the
whole time, people walked past
our car, selling, begging, and 
collecting money.....CRAZY HOUR!

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Our Last Night: Good Bye San Felipe... We had A Fantastic Evening ........

We had our dinner on the waterfront restaurant was a perfect farewell dinner
for a near perfect vacation (minus being
burnt, bite and poisoned)  LOL

Surf and Turf

Nana had soup, salad, steamed clams, fish with noodles
 and egg pudding with special sauce


Papa had a soup, salad, steammed clams
 steak dinner, egg pudding

Enjoying the Steamed clams

Relaxing with our lemongrass tea.

Do I looked contented or what???

We climbed up the lighthouse and looked at the City.

Papa enjoying the view.

Nan and Papa

The beautiful night sea of Cortaz.

A horse in town

Moon rise over the sea...WOW

Pap's final so-long to San Felipe


Monday, February 22, 2016

Winding Down with Two Days Left...... Kind of saying our good-byes.

After four days of resting and being careful.
Papa is doing much better, today he resumed
his long 1 to 2 hour walks.

We often start our outings with a smoothy
Manuel, juices and blends us a mix of 
fresh fruit and veggies.

Here Papa has a fruit with carrots and beets
  This is Manny's fruit stand.  With Manny in the middle

Papa waiting for me to finish shopping and having a photo shoot.
so glad he found some is 30 today.

They looked so adults in sight...He was taking care 
of his little sister.

OKAY...Ummmm I have no idea what this is
but it is the middle of I said
"why not get my photo take here too".

Our day ended at the beach, we stayed until sunset
I never get tired of photographing these birds.

Just as the sun slipped behind the mountain, I spotted Papa
coming back from his long walk.

I was waiting for the moon rise...I have not controlled the light from
the moon well in this photo...but I did like the shimmer on the water.

Sunday, February 21, 2016


This small little town tucked away in the mountain
was our adventure of the day.
This Black house with the two white door
and a horse in the front yard, delighted me to no end!

In the middle of town was a small motel, so we ate here

The taco were deep fried...and sooo greasy....we ate it up anyway.
It sat like a lump in our tummies, and we were still full at supper time...
we did not eat our evening meal...Won't do this place again! Hahah

We do get to see much animal life except village dogs.
It was kind of nice to see the donkeys and horses and cattle.

Love the Cattle Pens.....especially the sticks.

Hey...This rock kind of hides this cafe....So look what they did with the rock!
Gotta love this kind of creativity

Oh the cars and trucks you see here in Mexico....I am going to do
a photo shoot showing what is allowed on the highway here!
It is something else...You just have to "shake your head" sometimes. 

The next few photos show the twist and curves coming back home (San Felipe), down the mountains

I HOPE THERE IS ENOUGH mind was screaming to me!


All these mountains are just gravel and rock and dried earth!

Here is the desert floor between the mountains.

I love when the moon is out in the day...and shining quite bright too.

We slid into town right at sun set...just a few shots as we entered back into San Felipe

This is the stupidest stop cannot even see it as you approach
because it is behind this old cactus.  There is no cross road! Only a gas station entrance.

This tower is right besdie our apartments and every night these vultures arrive for bed!

This stairway leads up to our apartment...was sooooo beautiful tonight.

Our Appartment door leading to our front stairs....Looks so cozy, and it is.

Love the colours

A reminder of small we really are on this planet 

So red was the sky at sunset, that the ocean turned pink!

PINK WATER.................... PINK SKY