Saturday, April 30, 2016

Exciting NEWS: We have Piglets: We have a brand-new grand kiddie four wheeler Quad

I only took three pictures of the baby piggies as the Mom was too stressed,
in a few days I will share more and the grandkids can come
and see and hold them too!

We have a new childs four wheeler for some fun rides!

Spring brings a bounce to the Farm! Looky Here!!!

To welcome the nice warm spring days,
Aunika, Piercen, Naomi, Solomon, Silas, and a friend bounced
with joy in the tramline that Papa set up
for his babies!!

Nana and Papa kick off our first celebrations of our 40th Wedding Anniversity: Planting A Weeping Birch Tree:

 I LOVE the weeping birch tree...Today Papa bought one for me,
we planted it together, in honour of our 40th year anniversary. 

Sunday, April 17, 2016

Happy Birthday My Son Daniel: 37 and still counting!

Happy Birthday to You
Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday darling Daniel
Happy Birthday to you.

May MY dear lord Bless you
May my dear Lord Bless you
May my drew lord Bless Daniel
May my dear Lord bless you!

Here is a sweet gift from me to you

Happy Birthday to Naomi Lilly Ann Waye:

I am a wee bit late posting this.......However we do wish Naomi a wonderful year of being SIX YEARS OLD!

Happy Birthday to You
Happy Birthday to You
Happy Birthday to sweet charming Naomi
Happy Birthday to You

May the Good Lord BlessYOU

May the Good Lord BlessYOU
May the Good Lord Bless Nomi
May the Good Lord BlessYOU

We love you, beautiful!!
From Nana & Papa Standring