Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Jacob Turns Four Today!!! 4.......4........4.........4

Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday darling Jake 
Happy Birthday to you

May my good Lord Bless you
May my good Lord Bless You
May my good Lord Bless Jacob
May my good Lord Bless You

Nana and Papa love you precious boy!  

Sunday, May 8, 2016

My Very Happy Mother's Day

Having a photo shoot with Nana:
Making funny faces and cracking up!
(Special thanks to Auntie Heidi,"mommy" for the photos)

Oh My! How can I ask for anything more then to spend "Mothers Day" with these darling precious children. We all went out to breakfast together....then out to the farmhouse to play. Thank You Joe & Corinna, for you coming oout for breakfast, your tender words and love today, Thank You Daniel and Vicky for breakfast fellowship, and the beautiful flowers. Thank you Heidi for being the single parent (Kris is away at work) whom made such a grand effort to bring the three scallywags to breakfast and coming to the farm so we could all enjoy the day! (Roxi had a very sick girl at home, and Isaac & Bex are too far)...but I thank them for all the wishes and love they sent to me! Mostly thank Papa, for making sure that my day was full of love and happiness....For the way he honours me for "Mothering" our children the way I did.. I am so happy I could burst!!

Our 2012 baby boys are all turning "FOUR-4"
Silas           Solomon           Achilles

Achilles TRYING to bear, holding a wee piggy!   LOL

I do not want to hold that pig again!!!!!

Nana trys again....Nope, I am NOT touching that thing!!!

Happy Mothers Day to all my daughters, Roxann, Heidi, Corinna, Vicky, Becky! At 3 Am Today!

Happy Mothers Day From Valhalla to all my Gals

Across the Road

The Path Out Back

Straight Up!!!!!

Toward the Garden