Monday, August 22, 2016

Our 40th Wedding Anniversary! Thank You to our adult children for all the love they bestowed upon mom and dad

The morning started with Papa/Dad killing the fatted calf (Pig)
He took half a pig and prepared it for a BBQ.

A salty seasoning dry rub...wrapped in foil..on the BBQ
enough  pork to feed the whole family
What a pleasure to do this for our loved ones!

Our gifts to each other.  Mothers ring for Mom/Nana
Hunting and bucker knife for Papa/Dad (Made by Joshawa Lamkey)

Up close..left to right...Mom, Roxi, Dan, Joe, Isaac, Heidi, Dad
Parents on each end with our five beautiful babies in-between our love.

Ready!  Smelled and looked and tasted amazing!

Here come the grandchildren (Some of them) bringing a banner that they made
it was sooooo beautiful!  They were so proud!  Look at their faces!!!
Heidi was guiding them...such a great momma!

Here is the moment of us receiving our gift from all our children

The grandchildren all had a turn ringing the big bell!

Nana and Papa ring the bell together...Our Jubilee Year!!  

Here we all are gathered in the farm house!  I LOVE THIS!!  (missing Isaac & his family)

Now....Until just a few days ago, Papa and I had seven grandsons and only
three granddaughters.  On the 19th Skylar Standring(Isaac & Becky's baby), joined the 

 In her honour they(granddaughters) each tried on Nana's wedding dress
In a few weeks Nana will be bringing her dress to NewBrunswick, and
taking newborn Pictures of baby Skylar on the dress! As we celebrate her birth and our 40th year.
Skylar is the first "Standring" girl born to one of our sons!
Yup.....She is special!

Hadassah Skyann Flewwelling age   91/2 years old

Aunika Judith Ann Waye  81/2 years old

Naomi Lilly Ann Waye 6 years old....... (she is such a card!)