Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Drive from Bangkok to Hua Hin: "2 hours"

All of these photos are taking as I am driving in the car.  We were not able to stop...LOL...with me, we would have stopped every few minutes and the drive would have been two days!

This is how Thailand saw of me, yesterday, as we drove.

In Bangkok...two coloured taxis...Hot Pink & Baby Blue

Trucks running on propane

I loved the structure of this bridge in Bangkok......Here we go!!!

What a load of barrels

Road signs along the way

Trees on the roof

Dad was awed by the "mess" of wires
He chucked as he said: " If they go down, they would
never figure it all out!

Loved the pose by Ronald MacDonald.  

Street Worker

One of the many Temples we passed by....Promise more
up close and personal photos later...when I am on foot.

Salt Paddy Fields...I will be bringing some of this home!

Salt for sale...Right from the sea!

Many shrines shops....along the road ways

 Getting closer to our destinations

Air condition travelling! LOL

Liked the colours

Police Checks!!  

Our First Sign of Hua Hin

I Loved the side town streets

Entrance of the grocery story...In memory of their King

Squash...of sorts
We stopped to buy water here.

Entrance of Hua Hin.... It is so grand, because it is
the summer home of the King

Different kinds of drives

 City Streets

The Mall 

Streets and colours

A School Bus...Happy faces

Fruit truck

This huge Market is 5 minutes from our apartment, by foot.

We have arrived.  

Singapore To Bangkok: The Travellers Journey....Leg One!

Arriving in Singapore after 16 hours on a plane was complete relief!
Here is my first laugh out loud...funny story:

I need a bathroom...really really bad.  We are on a very tight turnover.
We have to get through customs, and then to our boarding gate.
We have less then 60 minutes:
(no photos with this story...sorry LOL)
I head into the lady's room to find a line up....except for one bathroom booth...a large one.... So I say to myself, "Ahh, the handicap one
perfect, because here I am limping, old, and feeling very handicapped!"
Off I go ahead of the line, and into the bathroom stall.
What!!  There is no toilet, just a shape toilet hole in the
floor.  I am aware in the moment of time of two things.
This is not a limping old age lady's stall and I cannot retreat out of this stall because I can no longer wait. 
Doing my best, to pull all the youthfulness from my body to use
this hole in the floor...I did venture forth. 
With my head hung low, I must shamefully leave the bathroom stall, hoping with all my heart that the next person wanting to use it is not standing outside my door.  In confession, I left puddles everywhere.   I am so sorry Singapore...I promise to wait my turn next time!!

Bangkok airport was rich looking with everything
looking gold, plushed, and shiny. It was spotless clean. 
It was the most impressive airport I have been in, to date!

This Lady was a airline stewardess and
 I thought her outfit so elegant! 

You who know me know why I loved this photo!

Customs at Singapore, we have ten minutes to 
now get to our gate...and this is where we lost
our luggage!  We now only have the clothes on our backs!

We do not know that our luggages is lost, and so we still look
cheerful.  Plus this is our last plane of our trip.  Jetstar Asia
only two hours to Bangkok.

Starting our descent into Bangkok

Reminds us of flying over Quebec ...Long strips of land.

Outside of the Bangkok airport
looking out the plane window...thus the colours!

In contrast to the Singapore airport, Bangkok was stark
and all cement and metal.
Papa with our only bags...the carry ones!

Nana after 25 hours in the air....and 10 hours of waiting times
I think I am looking not to shabby!

This sign sadden me.  I wish the world was above doing 
such crimes .....  

Gate 14...This is where we claim our luggage....
we wait, and wait....and no luggage came
Poor Nana & Papa

We have noodles and roast Duck before we head out
of the airport...to drive from Bangkok to Hua Hin!

I LOVED IT!  Yummy

Pink speckled eggs???Ummm....

Papa and I shared the big bowl of food...plenty for two!

Our Driver.  He met us at the gate. Mr.  Nom

Outside the Bangkok Airport.

Now we have a two hour journey by car.
Goodbye Bangkok...Hello Hua Hin