Sunday, February 26, 2017

Photos of Bangkok ....Wow Wee..What an experience!

Out for lunch..Here we are served our food RAW...
then we cook it ourselves.  Hotplate and boiling pot of
veggie water.  We had squash, greens, chicken, pork
and noodles....Yum

We are in the district of On Nut...and we have decided
to travel as far as the train goes across the hugh city
of Bangkok.    Off we go!  High Ho!

Outside...right up off the sidewalk!  Well, Sir!

Looking down...I see these bike...They WANT to be, I do!

Up in the sky we get change to buy our ticket from a machine.

Of to Mo Chit...Yup, that is a sh sound!

I am so incredibly happy to be doing this...WhaaaHooo

Funny, on the way back I had to buy my own ticket...and I kept telling the ticket man..."I am going to
"  No Nut"... He did not understand so finally he made me pain it out on the train map...then I saw it was on nut...pronounced Ahh newt.  Geewhiz...poor fellow!  If only he knew english he could 
have said...No Nut...You are indeed a NUT!  LOL

He looks kind of stressed.... He did not want to hang out in Mo Chit... So he went back to the hotel
and I walked and explored for three hours... then headed back on the train to Hotel Home.

Views of the skyscrapers from my train window..Nice and clean!  Hurray!

At the train port in Mo Chit

I am so so so pleased...I am really feeling this!!

Go down to the street, and we head into the park.
Papa is tired...He heads back home to hotel.
I am alone ..with my trusty camera and lots of thing to shoot!

Hehehe  Just like at home in Canada

Army patrol man...on pink bike...CUTE!



Loved these stone picturesque 

Here are a couple of selfies... Camera has timer...I have time.  Yeah 
  This is an outside Gym..with a full length another shot of me...hehehe

Take a walk down the street heading to one of Thailand's larges markets...That is another totally different shoot.  It was miles long and I could only do the front end of it!

When I was a kid we went bare feet all summer...Look at her feet!  Love it.

I head back to the train as I can see that the sun is starting to lower
and I am thinking that dad might start getting worried... Back up to the skywalk.

Window shots  as Head to hotel home

I could not help but photograph this girls was crazy interesting!

Cool shot...I captured the train in the window reflections of the glass building.

As we round this ben...I can see the tail end of my train...neat!

As a photographer....I loved capturing the glass building and the reflections they had.

Looked like it was on some roof top...

Love the sky as the buildings were shadows

This view is from my hotel balcony ...Looking straight out.  Will take outside 
view upward tomorrow.

Night has fallen, and Papa and I are off to have pizza...we need a Thia break!
(He was some glad to see me when I got sweet)

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